Igor Volkov interview for Forbes magazine

8 November, 2013

Forbes Georgia magazine featured interview with Igor Volkov, founder and president of international financial company MFX Broker. The interview coincides with the company’s expansion to CIS markets and office opening in the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi.

Let us introduce translation of the interview: 

Igor Volkov founded the MFX Broker company (MasterForex) in 2006. By then Igor was just 20 years old, his job was Forex trading, and the company was founded as a humble dealing center. Now 27-year-old Igor Volkov is the president of financial holding MFX Group that includes: International brokerage company MFX Broker and MFX Trading Academy.

In 7 years of operation the company got strong in the Asian-Pacific region, today MFX Broker expands to the CIA region. On 2 October 2013 the company turned 7. This date pleasantly coincides with MFX Broker’s branch office opening in Georgia. The Forbes magazine decided to ask the company’s president, how the success was achieved.

Igor, you were 20 when founded the company that after 7 years became one of the most successful in the industry. How did it become possible? 
The financial market industry requires proactive attitude and high concentration. You can’t treat it like an ordinary job. You should live within the market and feel the market’s groove! 

The company gained a lot of prizes. What does it mean to you?
Our clients come to us not because of these prizes. Our mutual partnership is based solely on trust. There is trust or there is not. All the company’s activities are entirely transparent. Thus, all these awards are rather for us – the company’s management. Such prizes are vital for motivation. As we get awarded we find out how clients and the market see us. And we must justify their confidence, accord with the status. 

How did the company develop? 
Since the very beginning we progressed very fast. Within the first 3-4 years the company’s turnover grew by 50% a year, and by 20-25% recently. Today we have more than 300 000 clients. And all this was achieved in just 7 years. The main principle the company adheres to is respect. We respect our clients regardless of an amount of money they entrust us: 1 dollar or 100 000 dollars. MFX Broker provides the same services to everyone and is equally responsible in every case. 

Please, tell about activities of MFX Academy. 
The demand for education is indeed huge. For every trader must get into trading. We educate all clients, in all branch offices. The project was honored with internationally acclaimed award The best Forex-education portal 2013 according to the international stock market industry exposition ForexExpo. In Georgia we plan to carry out lectures both in our office and various universities of the country. 

What do you think, how much time it will take to attract Georgian clients to the Forex market? 
From 10 seconds to infinity. People’s interest depends on people themselves, it’s individual. Our main task is to be broker they trust. 

What can you say about political and economic instability in Georgia? 
We try to keep away from politics. However, as far as I can see from recent trends Georgian economy develops and, thus, people get new opportunities and perspectives. 

MFX Broker launches new project Gentlemen Club. What is this project? 
These will be events for businessmen to meet at, to talk business, current market trends and to spend time in comfort with a cup of fine cognac or a cigar in hand. I think, we all need such meetings to get familiar with new people and relax. 

Who is Igor Volkov as a person? 
My life is my work. I adore my company. I do my favorite job, I guess I’m a happy man. I like traveling around the world. I love Chinese tea. I love my family. 

What are your future plans? 
I'm going to accomplish my ideal-broker-creation project. Besides, I wish to live in a way that would make my family proud. 

What would you say to the Forbes audience? 
I, obviously, can start agitating to become our clients, but I won’t do this. Money makes you independent, but the main things are your family and friends. You should appreciate what you’ve got. If you ask me whether I can give it all away for my family, I would answer “Easily!”

Find more information in the Media section on the website. 

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MFX Broker

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