Interview of the winner of Lady MFX tournament

May 21, 2014

The winner of “Lady MFX” tournament Mim Bidya from Bangladesh shares her feelings of the contest conducted by MFX Broker and ForexStars.

1. Your result is really impressive – 654.24%. We all watched the course of the battle for the first place. Please, tell us about your impressions. What did you feel during the tournament?

I am absolutely happy to win! The battle was so tense, especially during the last two days. Competitresses were strong. During the tournament I tried to keep calm, though it was not easy because big prize was at stake.

2. Would you compare trading with sport? If yes, then with which and why?

Absolutely. Trading and sport are very similar. Especially in such tournaments when you act not just for the result, but for the best result. Competitive spirit is characteristic to both trading and sport.

3. Which will be the next tournament you will take part in?

I knew nothing about ForexStars before “Lady MFX”. I want to know more about the project – I plan to take part in ForexStars tournaments.

4. Were you just lucky or you used any particular strategy?

I decided to participate in the tournament for no special reason – actually I didn’t hope for victory. Of course, the prize is huge, but usually I do not believe that such things can be just gained in such a way. However, I was lucky to win, though till the very end I couldn’t believe it. I always trade with particular instruments; I frequently choose pair with JPY due to high volatility. This time I was lucky to guess the trend.

5. How do you think is this type of tournament interesting? If you had opportunity to create a tournament, what it would be like?

I liked this tournament very much – the very its idea is interesting. One more thing I liked was that all the participants were in similar conditions.

6. In life of each trader there is a series of key trades: profitable or up-profitable? Which of them gave you more experience?

Of course, I am very glad when I have profitable trades, but loss-making trades teach me more – with their help I understand where I made a mistake so next time I will try to avoid the same mistake.

7. How do you think is it easier to trade for men or for women?

It complicated, but I suppose that it is a bit harder for women to trade due to their sensibility – men can control their emotions better.

8. How do you think: are traders people of particular character? What does differ them from others?

Trader is not about state of character or mind I guess. Trader is when you are cold-blooded and provident, when you can take decisions. Earlier I didn’t have these features, but everything comes as time goes by.

9. Is trading more about luck of professionalism?

I think that trading consists of these both things, but I guess that it is better to put emphasis on professionalism because this feature can be controlled and developed in distinction from luck.

We remind that the tournament was held especially for clients of MFX Broker together with independent Forex tournament platform ForexStars. The prize fund of the tournament composed $5000.

Clients from Indonesia, Russia, China, Bangladesh, and Japan took part in “Lady MFX” tournament. According to the rules of the contest they should have had account at MFX Broker and be the participants of international beauty contest Lady ForexStars, which is held till October 2014.

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MFX Broker

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