Round 26 OctaFX Champions are here to tell you their stories!

3 June, 2014

All the winners of Round 26 OctaFX Champion Demo contest traditionally answer OctaFX's questions to express the joy of the victory and inspire you to participate in our trademark contest!  


  • 1st place – Mr. Rupinus Perangin Angin from Indonesia
  • 2nd place – Mr. Alimuddin from Indonesia
  • 3rd place – Mr. Stanislav Kurbanov from Uzbekistan
  • The last runner – Mr. Vasiliy Popov from Russia

How do you feel being an OctaFX Champion?

1st place – Mr. Rupinus Perangin Angin: I feel very happy and believe that everyone can be a winner.
2nd place – Mr. Alimuddin: It is an honor for me because I was able to outperform 1755 other participants.
3rd place – Mr. Stanislav Kurbanov: Certainly, I feel pleasure that I occupied a prize-winning place in competition with such a great amount of participants.

What is the key factor to your success? Why are you better than everyone else?

1st place – Mr. Rupinus Perangin Angin: I'm still working on my main job during the day and I traded if there was time during the lunch break. I trade when I have time and see the right opportunity. I took a little pip and did not let the loss be too large with my trading positions. I do not have a special strategy but to follow the trend of the price in progress and continue to develop better strategies.
2nd place – Mr. Alimuddin: I think, the key to success in Forex trading is largely determined by the state of the trader's psychology. Even psychological factors in trading are more important than technical skills. Strategies that I use in trading is a good combination of different techniques that I get from various Forex literature as well as from the experience of successful traders. In OctaFX Champion contest, I just traded part time and it did not take up all my time. I can still do my work.
3rd place – Mr. Stanislav Kurbanov: Here there is also a factor of good luck and, naturally, continuous work. The strategy on this competition was mere expectation of a turn on eur/usd. The strategy varies each month, depending on economic and political factors. I also kept up with a course of competition all month, observed the contenders, estimating the chances to win.

What was your most spectacular gain? Have you encountered considerable loss?  

1st place – Mr. Rupinus Perangin Angin: The greatest profit occurs at the opening of London session and the biggest losses happen at the closing of London session
2nd place – Mr. Alimuddin: My spectacular profit is when I did BUY order with a large lot at the lowest price and Take Profit at the highest price and I did SELL order with a large lot at the highest price and Take Profit at the lowest price.
3rd place – Mr. Stanislav Kurbanov: The largest increase was just on turn trend on eur. The significant losses were not observed.

How long does it take to become a good trader?

1st place – Mr. Rupinus Perangin Angin: Minimum one year.
2nd place – Mr. Alimuddin: The time it takes to become a good trader is very relative, depending on our diligence.
3rd place – Mr. Stanislav Kurbanov:  difficult question. I think, that it is necessary to work hard, but some predisposition or talent is still necessary. As in chess, lots of people can play, but to become grossmeister and champions of the world the knack is not enough. In any case, it is necessary to be ready to spend some years, before the first success comes.

The last runner – Mr. Vasiliy Popov comments his trading performance: "Yes, I want to increase the performance of the trading system, and I will participate in the following rounds of the competition, even if by the rules I will get 10% of the prize money. My strategy failed to be effective this time – it crashed quickly. I didn’t spend much time competing, either".

OctaFX would like to thank all the participants and remind everyone else that next time you can be one of OctaFX Champion Demo Contest winners! Don't let anything stop you from getting into the next Round of OctaFX Champion Demo Contest – prove yourself to be a successful and thoughtful trader, reach new heights, and get a reward you deserve – register in Round 28 OctaFX Champion Demo Contest!

Spend your luckiest days with OctaFX!


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