Round 37 of cTrader Weekly demo contest: winners revealed

1 March, 2016

A new week means a new round of OctaFX cTrader Weekly demo contest that brings five more winners! This time, the prize fund of $400 is divided between the traders from all over the world. Here are the winners of Round 37 of cTrader Weekly demo contest:

1st place with the award of $150 goes to Mr. Mohamed Elhadi Sifi from Algeria.
2nd place with the award of $100 goes to Mr. Kirit Rupala from India.
3rd place with the award of $75 goes to Mr. Ha Thi Minh Tien from Vietnam.
4th place with the award of $50 goes to Mr. Atmo Diharjo from Indonesia.
5th place with the award of $25 goes to Mr. Sifa Mwenda from Kenya.

OctaFX cTrader Weekly demo contest is an exciting possibility for all traders who are ready to challenge their abilities and fight to win valuable prizes. The benefits of cTrader Weekly demo contest are:

  • No risk. Open a demo account and don’t risk your own funds.
  • Real rewards.The first winner of the round gets as much as $150!
  • Trade and learn. OctaFX cTrader Weekly demo contest is a great chance to test and improve your trading skills.

Register in the upcoming round of OctaFX cTrader Weekly demo contest to see what you are made of and be ready for success!

OctaFX cTrader Weekly demo contest: trade and win!

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