Change in the margin requirements

5 May, 2017

We would like to inform you that on 7th May, the second round of the French election will take place. Results of the elections may lead to the different outcomes since it is going to be a big test for both France and the European Union. As for the markets the increased volatility level on EUR based instruments, limited liquidity, leading to spreads widening and potential appearing of a price gap between market closing and opening are expected during the time of elections.

Please make sure that you are ready and prepared for the risks on the positions you are holding in case of expected high market volatility.

During the elections starting from 2017/05/05 at 21:00 of terminal time (EET), Fort FS, in order to provide additional protection against risks, will raise the margin requirements on all EUR currency instruments up to 1:33. These changes will effect all newly placed positions. In case of insufficient amount of funds on your trading account to hold positions after the leverage is changed - all orders will be forcedly closed according to Stop Out. These temporary risk parameters may persist over the 5th and 8th of May depending on the market reaction to the election results.

We kindly ask you to pay your attention on that information, to manage your current trading volume for already opened and new positions.

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