Margin requirements for exotic pairs

15 May, 2017

In the 5th installment of our series of trading improvements, we are pleased to announce that we have lowered the margin requirements for over 50 exotic currency pairs.

As a broker that caters to depositors both big and small, we choose to pave the way for developments which place opportunity in the hands of the many. Lowering the margin requirements for such a wide selection of exotic currency pairs gives small investors the opportunity to enter the market accessing a more diverse range of currency pairs, without having to sustain higher margin requirements.

Ordinarily, the margin required to open and sustain a position depends on the leverage a client chooses; the higher the leverage, the lower the margin requirements. For some currency pairs however, e.g. exotic currency pairs, margin requirements are usually higher regardless of the leverage. Our latest trading improvements have enabled us to offer low margin requirements for the vast majority of exotic currency pairs too, moving away from the conventions the industry has come to recognize when it comes to certain features of these currency pairs.

At Exness, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best trading conditions in the forex market, especially on currency pairs, which are our prime area of focus and expertise, and the group of trading instruments which made us an industry leader to begin with.

For a full list of the currency pairs we offer and their margin requirements, please visit our Contract Specifications (exotic currency pairs are indicated with a yellow mark).

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