easyMarkets Launches Bitcoin CFD Trading

10 October, 2017

easyMarkets Launches Bitcoin CFD Trading

With the addition of the Bitcoin CFD, easyMarkets’ clients can now trade the newest financial asset class, cryptocurrencies.

Following record gains posted by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over recent months, leading CFD provider, easyMarkets, has today announced the launch of its Bitcoin CFD.

The introduction of CFD trading on Bitcoin marks the first stage of easyMarkets’ decisive move into the surging cryptocurrency arena, with the release of other cryptocurrencies scheduled to take place in the near future.

Evdokia Pitsillidou, Director of Risk Management at easyMarkets, commented, “The excitement surrounding recent record highs in the cryptocurrency markets has now evolved into intense interest in the future of digital currencies like Bitcoin. easyMarkets’ expansion into cryptocurrency CFDs is driven by increasing demand from our clients and we want to give them the option to explore the most fascinating asset class to emerge in years.

“As most traders already know, Bitcoin was the world’s first decentralised currency and, until recently, it could only be traded on a Bitcoin Exchange. With the advent of our cryptocurrency CFDs, that’s no longer the case. Our clients can now speculate purely on the price movement of the underlying asset, utilising leverage to increase their positions if they wish to.”

Bitcoin Trading Conditions

  • With the launch of its Bitcoin (BTC) CFD, easyMarkets will be offering BTC against USD. The broker’s Bitcoin CFD product offering combines:
  • 24/7 Trading. Real-time Bitcoin trading is available over the weekend as well as during standard trading hours. This gives easyMarkets clients the opportunity to extend their trading week, while benefiting from the same competitive trading conditions.
  • Low Minimum Deposit. easyMarkets clients can start trading Bitcoin CFDs with a minimum deposit of 100 USD. 
  • Leveraged Trading. With easyMarkets, traders can use leverage of up to 1:10 when trading Bitcoin CFDs
  • Guaranteed S/L and T/P. Stop Loss and Take Profit levels are essential to any trader’s exit plan. At easyMarkets, S/L and T/P are guaranteed
  • No Slippage. A client’s trades will be executed at the price displayed on the trading platform, even during periods of market volatility.
  • Negative Balance Protection. In the event that a client slips into negative equity, easyMarkets will absorb the negative balance, providing traders with peace of mind.
  • In Depth Cryptocurrency Education. easyMarkets has created a comprehensive Bitcoin eBook for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency trading and a raft of educational initiatives have been planned as easyMarkets rolls out its full cryptocurrency line-up. The easyMarkets Bitcoin eBook can be downloaded here.

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