PAMM-Managers Qualification

29 January, 2018

Every month we look at the results of the PAMM-managers qualifications, and in December, Revin Anton demonstrated excellent results with his trading strategy, SOLOMON. Please remember that AMarkets invests $1 000 000 in the strategies of successful managers. Every month, the participant who attains the best results receives an investment, 10 times more than his own funds, and $1000 in his personal account. Today, Anton shares with us his story of trial, error and triumph, and of course the customary dose of personal advice to the beginner traders.

How did your interest in trading and investments begin?

I was still in grade school when I watched Oliver Stone’s film, Wall Street. It was probably then when I first developed an interest in financial markets. I first invested funds, in 2013, in a company which doesn’t even exist anymore. Losing all my invested money then, boosted my interest in this very same business. I knew that the market gives unlimited opportunities to those unafraid to put in the work, ready to learn and spend their time and money.

Did you plan to win AMarkets’ qualification of PAMM-managers and did you expect such an outcome?

Yes, I really wanted to win the qualification, and it happened. If a person clearly defines target and takes the particular steps to achieve it, then everything is possible.

Do you have any secret for your trading success? What is your guide when choosing a trading strategy?

My secret is in that I set a goal for myself to become a successful trader and I undoubtedly came to that result. The journey was not easy, or as fast as I would have wanted, but it was a method of trial and error, and with time, my trading strategy was formed.

I knew that the market gives unlimited opportunities to those unafraid to put in the work, ready to learn and spend their time and money.

How will you use the deserved capital investment from AMarkets of $3000 in further trading? Will you continue to follow the current strategy?

I will use this investment for further trading and I will strive to raise the result with minimum risks. I will keep following my strategy SOLOMON, and continue to improve it during trading.

I am grateful to AMarkets for extending their trust to me and additional opportunities.

What advice would you like to offer those just starting out on their trading journey?

Those who are just starting out in trading need to be prepared for the fact that it is not always that everything works out the first time, and to never give up. Learn the market and find your own trading strategy.

ll the best to everyone!

AMarkets’ PAMM-managers qualifications offers traders the opportunity to get an investment of up to $50 000 from AMarkets for the development of their trading strategy. Anyone can participate in the qualification and get additional capital. Learn more about offer on this page.

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