Arum Capital Trading innovations

20 March, 2018

Market Depth

A unique technology is implemented in ARUM.PRO trading platform. Due to the Market Depth the trader will see the true liquidity depth in real time as well as the parity of Sell/Buy in the volume of the executed transactions.

Liquidity depth in real time. Real volume of transactions. A unique analytical tool

Tick chart

A tick chart shows the details of all iterations of a trading instrument/asset historically and in real time. The tool is available on ARUM.PRO trading platform.

A unique analytical tool. Control over the transactions execution. Setup of micro-levels of support and resistance

Direct execution of all the transactions via FIX-protocol

Market Execution and direct execution of all the transactions via FIX-protocol enable us to open positions in a split of a second and give opportunity for multiple trading techniques depending on the execution speed.

A minimum delay in sending of trade orders to the market. No market manipulation guarantee from the brokers. Orders are executed at the best price available from the liquidity provider

Open API FIX-protocol for trading robots

We offer our clients an opportunity to link their trading robots directly to the international liquidity providers under FIX-protocol.

API-interface for the connection of trading robots. No interference into the work of algorithms. Direct link of transactions to the external service providers

Details of the true ECN-volume

Historical charts with data of trading tools have real market data on the liquidity volumes. It enables one to account for the market volume when analyzing the market.

Possible to analyze a instruments chart based on the volume. Shows historical data on instruments volumes. Multiple timeframes on the volume

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