Investor funds management

3 April, 2018

Attract major market players and earn more! Do you feel that your earnings are too low? Attract investor's funds and earn more as a professional manager of an investment account. Increase your potential financial gains when trading with the use of investment funds. Set your commission as a percentage of profits at your own discretion. Investors are attracted with the help of a reputable broker

Investment accounts of professional managers allow attracting investors' funds and increasing trade volumes and the potential profit margin. You will be able to focus solely on trade strategies and increase the profitability of your transactions, and we will take care of the rest.

A wide range of financial instruments, around-the-clock liquidity, tight spreads, and professional quoting of your orders provide you with conditions for comfortable and profitable trading. Our Company's reputation will let you attract the wealthiest investors to your investment accounts, bringing your trade profits to a totally new level!

How does an investment account work?

Let us say you have been trading successfully for a long time, but you are not satisfied with the amount of capital. The desire to move to a strategy of larger transactions is very strong, but you do not want to borrow the funds. It would appear to be a catch 22, but you can easily escape it becoming an investment account manager. It will help you trade successfully and carry out larger transactions in the Forex market, attracting investors' funds to your investment account.

All you need to do to become a manager is to open an investment account in your Personal Account, deposit the manager's capital, and define the terms for investors. And then move ahead to new financial horizons!

Advantages of investment accounts at Alfa-Forex

  • The premium segment of large capital investors
  • Payment guarantees from a reputable broker
  • Excellent trade terms and professional quoting
  • A wide range of financial instruments for effective trading
  • No fees on deposits and withdrawals through Alfa-Click

How to open an investment account?

  • Register a Personal Account
  • Familiarize yourself with regulatory documents
  • Create an investment account in your Personal Account
  • Deposit the Manager's capital
  • Start trading and get included in the investment manager rating.
  • Attract investors and keep a share of their profits as your remuneration

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