ATFX in the Spotlight of Media

15 May, 2018

ATFX in the Spotlight with Recent Media Appearances

Following the recent acquisition of its Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) license in early April, and under the regulation of the FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority) in the Middle East, ATFX is in the spotlight once again as it continues its goal of educating investors and enhancing their decision-making progress. 

Ramy Abouzaid is the most recent addition to ATFX’s Abu Dhabi office, , who joined as the Financial Market Strategist for the Middle East.  Prior to joining ATFX, the financial market expert worked for large-scale FX companies in the UAE, aiding clients and investors in remaining up to date regarding the latest market developments.  The hand-picked professional appeared on Al Arabiya News TV on April 19th to give a general market update that focused on the recent movements in the price of crude, pound, and the euro.  Mr. Abouzaid’s fundamental perspective on Market Pulse, a program that invites famous financial celebrities from major investment banks including Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, offered clarity on the recent financial market moves. 

The first interview was quickly followed by another interview with CNBC Arabia on The Compass on April 24th, a high-profile program that invites analysts from other top-tier firms.  And the most recent interviews while being the first, certainly won’t be his last, as his experience and well-known rapport within media circles means we’ll be seeing more of Mr. Abouzaid and the financial market insights that he so clearly offers. 

The latest strategy from the financial services company is garnering significant media attention, as the push to inform clients and investors gathers steam.  ATFX recently attended a number of exhibitions and hosted multiple seminars with leading financial personalities educating investors and traders, with the company scheduled to host more seminars and attend more exhibitions as the year progresses. 

Furthermore, ATFX intends to expand its daily reports to offer ongoing market updates and in-depth analysis from experts including Mr. Abouzaid and tailoring it for the region’s local language as well, in line with the company’s plans to service traders locally in their respective language and with multi-language support. 

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