ESMA Regulations Official Statement

19 June, 2018

easyMarkets, a well-established financial service provider founded in 2001 offering CFD trading and investment across multiple global markets, fully supports, welcomes and complies with ESMA’s new regulations which will take effect on the 1st of August. Ultimately the purpose of these measures is to protect clients and help them mitigate their risk when on the markets.

“ We not only support this initiative but as an organization promote risk management, trader education and responsible investing practices through the service and tools we provide our clients.”

Evdokia Pitsilidou, easyMarkets Head of Risk Management

The measures which include restriction of leverage, a 50% increase in margin close out and mandatory negative balance protection on all accounts – a protection we have offered our clients since our founding almost two decades ago – should help standardize the services provided by CFD brokers.

easyMarkets has never engaged in offering clients the highest leverage as a selling point for its services – but instead promotes its innovation, experience, price transparency and high level of customer support. This dedication to our clients has been repaid in the form of a trusted track record and multiple years of offering clients access to the markets and innovative trading solutions. We are very happy to say, because of these reasons, we are fully committed to complying to this most recent regulatory framework.

Our longevity is based on the success of our clients and the longevity of the industry as a whole is based on fair regulation which protects clients. Business models predicated on exploitive methods not only weigh down the industry, tarnish the entire industry’s reputation but are inviable. This is why as an industry we have an obligation as a whole to support any measures that mitigate risk, protect clients and ultimately make the financials services landscape a much healthier, more transparent and friendlier place.

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