USGFX TradersClub Program

12 February, 2019

Join the USGFX TradersClub Program and get full access to structured education, industry-leading market research & commentary, premium trading tools & services, and personalised coaching by our Senior Analyst, Rob Clayton.

Education and knowledge is the key to your trading success - get it from our exclusive course.

The TradersClub FX Trading Course is a structured, personalised and multi-layered educational course, run by USGFX Senior Analyst Rob Clayton. It is designed to empower you with a specialised set of skills and knowledge to help you grow from a beginner to professional trader.

  • Learn how to read the markets, charts & indicators properly
  • Learn when to enter and exit trades
  • Learn how to manage your money and your risk
  • Learn how to build and develop your strategy
  • Empower yourself - transform your trading
  • Receive special access to powerful trading tools and services
  • Receive ongoing 1-on-1 personal coaching and mentoring

The USGFX TradersClub Program - products and features

When you join the USGFX TradersClub Program you will receive VIP access to our full suite of market research & analysis, trading tools & signals and 1-on-1 personal coaching.

Secure your access to the USGFX TradersClub Program

To gain immediate and full access to the USGFX TradersClub Program, with Rob Clayton, all you have to do is become a VIP client of USGFX. So open an account today and fund it with the required $10K capital to get FREE and exclusive VIP access to one of the most trusted and personalised forex trading courses in Australia, including ongoing access to the full suite of the TradersClub Program products and services.

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