BCS Forex Affiliate Program

5 September, 2019

In Forex market affiliate programs are deemed one of the most profitable areas of affiliate marketing. You can attract active traders and get a reward for every trade transaction executed by the client. Such cooperation or affiliate program provides unlimited opportunities for the financial growth. The amount of remuneration depends entirely on trading activity of the clients you attract. The larger turnover is generated by client attracted to Forex, the more money you receive as a reward. The maximum amount of remuneration has no upper limit! Forex affiliate program is an effective tool for gaining real and unlimited income. In addition, affiliate programs have a number of significant advantages, namely:

  • Business with minimum investment;
  • No requirements to the minimum number of active clients;
  • No requirements to the minimum clients' trade turnover;
  • No restrictions applicable to the maximum remuneration amount;
  • Bonus payments within the entire period of the client's trading in the firm.

How to become a partner?

  • Fill in online application for opening special PARTNER.MT5 account
  • After creating the personal account (PA) open your PARTNER.MT4 partner account to receive reward for trading operations in the MT4 terminal
  • Read and accept the terms of the affiliate program
  • Get your personal partner ID
  • Attract clients and get remuneration!

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