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10 July 2012   Erika Answer this comment   Add comment for
They have a slow execution, unstable trading platform and a lot of slippages.
8 February 2012   Kiran Answer this comment   Add comment for
Worst broker in the universe, when I tried to start a new account ,they were telling ,I am staying in a hotel, so that I cannot be given a new account ,Can any one guess what is the reason? My credit card contains Land mark as Hotel name ,so they believed ,I am staying in a hotel , how stupid , that is, if he google it, he will get that hotel name with out any issues. I should say that guy is a rocket scientist , a big f..........
9 November 2011   Trader Answer this comment   Add comment for
The WORST BROKER you can ever imagine. Never put real money, never, or you never get them back !!!!!
13 February 2010   ady Answer this comment   Add comment for
increse the margin call on weekend without any notification and close my red open position.BAD
2 February 2010   Jeff Answer this comment   Add comment for
RE- Honest Review. Exactly right. You hit the nail on the head. I learned not to trust these people.

I traded their Demo account sucessfuly, full time, for 6 months then ..... Slippage .... last night was the last trade - Entry order was supposed to execute in 20 pips - it finally did at 20 +48. They s>>>
29 October 2008   Honest Review Answer this comment   Add comment for
PRO: Decent commentary and news updates. Easy to use platform. Good alerts. Decent calendars. Mini account. 24hr support.

CON: Suspicious "technical glitches." Obvious signs of stop hunting during news releases, even small ones. Market making so predictable you can make plays off it.
21 September 2008   Youssef K. Answer this comment   Add comment for
I have been trading with since 2007 (and demo trading with others). Conclusion:
1-By far the most efficient platform (user friendly-simple and clear, all what you need is there!)
2-Slippage is everywhere the same during announcements
2.1-Spread is a little wider than some, but same on majors but what it is a fix one
3-execution is fast
4-Customer support with chat tool is decent

PS: If you lose money you will hate your broker ...if make some you will defend him ! C'est la vie

17 August 2007   Agata Answer this comment   Add comment for
Good morning!
28 July 2007   Robert Answer this comment   Add comment for
I have been using this company since day one and they have been pretty good and improving.Their platform is great and executions are really fast.Now I am using the fractional spreads and they are good.I fu do not want to get stopped out just trade better and wide the stops. stops of 30,50 pips sometimes are not enough because this market is too fast and volatile.Tray not to trade too small time frames. 4hour and up is good,be smart and do not gamble,just trade.
22 July 2007   Michael Answer this comment   Add comment for cashback rebates of $4 per lot are available at Average payment of $2000 per year for mini lots. No hidden charges, guaranteed payment into your account.
21 July 2007   Rajmund Answer this comment   Add comment for
Sentimental and nostalgic. Great.
16 July 2007   Adalbert Answer this comment   Add comment for
Thank! Cool Site! The Best!
15 July 2007   Zita Answer this comment   Add comment for
Thank you for your site
12 July 2007   Nicodemus Answer this comment   Add comment for
Hello nice page and it downloads very fast, enjoyed it very much, take care.
29 June 2007   khoo,Malaysia. Answer this comment   Add comment for
So far so good!
31 May 2007   Stanislaus Answer this comment   Add comment for
Lets go! Respect!
14 May 2007   Violet Answer this comment   Add comment for
So, what do you think about
last comments ?
13 April 2007   Johnidy Answer this comment   Add comment for
Withdrawal via credit card take so much time
13 April 2007   profesor Answer this comment   Add comment for
Moderate broker
9 April 2007   Bill Fletcher Answer this comment   Add comment for
I've had super quick executions and decent customer service. Their platform is sufficient and the free eSignal charts are very usable. Spread is a little wider than some, but it's more dependable than most. Comes down to this--a good trader will do well with them and a poor trader will get slaughtered. Just like with any other broker.
31 March 2007   Andrey M Answer this comment   Add comment for
I was with for 7 months. Good company, I have no complains. Easy was to deposite money and easy was to withdrawal money. Spreads are a bit wide, GBP/JPY is 9 pips and GBP/USD 5 pips, I think it's wide. But like I said in the begginig, they were profesional to me.
19 March 2007   John M. Answer this comment   Add comment for
great new platform. i've been trading with fxcm and fx sol, the platform is by far the best out of the 3.
17 March 2007   Kain M Answer this comment   Add comment for
Their ranking reflects their integrity... That is, dead last and down the shit hole.
3 March 2007   Tony Cottrill Answer this comment   Add comment for
Bad slippage, multiple requotes, called them up but I believe they tried to fob me off. Been with 2 other brokers over the past two years and they too have been quite rubbish. I\'m starting to think that OTC forex trading industry requires the NFA to swoop in and give this industry a good kick up the backside and all the dishonest providers cleaned out
12 February 2007   Dorian Answer this comment   Add comment for
They are best on the FX in North America! Trusted.
4 February 2007   YANG, Heng Answer this comment   Add comment for
I will be up front and honest, I am coming to the conclusion that all of us retail Forex traders are possibly suckers and that the real winners in the Retail Forex speculation / trading game are those that sell/provide products and services to us sucker traders.<br><br> Having analyzed a few investments in my time, I will concede that anyone given the will can profit from Retail Forex Trading, but that is not the point, my point is that the Long term rewards so far from my end fail to compensate for the risks involved including the volatility and client deposit risks.
21 January 2007   Dolphy Answer this comment   Add comment for
Oh yeah! I knew it:
9 January 2007   Jack Colly, UK Answer this comment   Add comment for
Been there done that, put down 900 only to end up 300, I wouldn't say anything if I had lost it myself but when I got slipped and saw my prices manipulated ( they try doing it discreetly during news announcements ) and losing 20 pips because these people are assholes.... I wouldn't complain. But they did, you try to sell at 1.45, they put your order in at 1.35 and all of a sudden the price is 1.51... hmmm.... SCAM. Thank god they have mini accounts so you can smell the shit before stepping in it.
28 December 2006   F8dd Answer this comment   Add comment for = shit. Worst software, worst spreads, awful website, terrible customer service.
23 December 2006   anomymous Answer this comment   Add comment for
Hello folks... Welcome to the world of FRAUDEX, which is at least how you'll feel once you've been with Gain Capital ... same as Tradestation Forex Broker- BEWARE!! you have a position on, news happens, you get out and they claim you exited too fast.. cause they'll go after a stop that isn't even there anymore - aka stop hunting/fishing - and will screw you BIG TIME every time you get out with a profit, they'll get you in again with similar excuses... ABSOLUTELY INCOMPETENT!! I'm so dissapointed and Disgusted I feel like giving up on Trading Forex... my question now is .. since abuse of customers is so wide spread amongst these forex brokers, WHEN THE HELL WILL THE GOVERNMENT STEP IN AND REGULATE THESE CRIMINALS?!?!?! CAUSE THAT'S WHAT THEY ARE!! THEY'LL TRADE AGAINST THEIR CUSTOMERS AND NOONE IS DOING A THING ABOUT IT .. SO THE ABUSES WILL CONTINUE AS LONG AS THE GOVERNMENT(S) DON'T DO A THING ABOUT IT!!! STAY AWAY, CAVEAT EMPTOR!!! YOU WILL LOSE MOST IF NOT ALL YOUR MONEY LIKE MANY HAVE - IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME CHECK OUT OTHER FOREX RATING WEBSITES AS WELL- PEACE!

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