EUR fell on a negative referendum outcome

5 December, 2016

Italians voted ’NO’ to constitutional changes proposed by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. After negative outcome of the referendum, Renzi decided to quit in the early hours of Monday. The outcome of the referendum was around 60% - 40% for Renzi’s opponents (almost all votes counted). Renzi will turn his resignation to President Mattarella later today. He also signalled that he won’t stay on to help stabilise administration.  

Renzi told his supporters that in Italian politics, no one ever wins, he even broke a tear while thanking his wife. He said he did everything there was to be done. Now President Mattarella has a lot to think about. A possible successors who might be asked to lead the government may be either Finance Minister Padoan, Culture Minister Franceschini or any other official. Mattarella has to find a chief that would stop the rapid rise of anti-euro Five Star Movement. 

According to EMG survey which was released on Sunday, Five Star would won a second round ballot by 53% to 47% against Renzi’s Democratic Party and by 57% to 43% against the center-right bloc. One should keep in mind that Five Star Movement had demanded a snap election if ’NO’ prevailed. So it may be only a matter of time until we see another referendum, calling for ’Italexit’. The election is scheduled in 2018 but we will likely see an early election in the second half on next year. 

EURUSD has dropped more than 1% on the news. USD in general remains elevated on safe haven flow, Antipodean currencies were taking a heavy beating, major Asian indexes also opened lower due to a moderate risk-off. European open will be interesting, especially Mank Monte dei Paschi di Siena will be in focus. We may see some reaction on Italian bonds as well.

EURUSD fell to 18-months low after Italian referendum, there are elections in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy next year so EUR may remain under pressure

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Oil remains elevated, US production keeps rising

Baker Hughes report for the last week has showed another rise of US oil producers activity. The number of active rig counts rose by 8 w/w which obviously favours the further rebound of supply on the market...

DAX reached the nearest resistance

European stocks are trading higher today due to a general risk-on triggered by Donald Trump. He commented on deregulation and corporate tax cuts and commited to introducing a plan in 2-3 weeks which was more than enough for US stocks to surge towards new record highs...

DAX struggling to deny that it is caught by bearish channel

The sentiment on European equities is very cautious, but the main indices remain slightly above zero today. The Dax made an attempt in the morning to shake off its recent weakness, but upward move faded within one hour...

Deutsche with shorts on EURCHF

Bank remains short EURCHF targeting 1.02, Deutsche says that if speculators also upped the pressure, continued intervention would become ever costlier...

DAX - a volatile start of the week

The DAX started the week with a fall of 100 points that was quickly corrected. Currently the index a bit higher on the day and the first drop should be associeted with the political news...

Stocks begin the week on the back foot

Stock markets have started out in a defensive mode this morning with the FTSE 100 falling more than 60 points. Donald Trump is in the headlines once more as his latest executive order signed late on Friday has caused a furore around the globe...

USD back on track

The overnight trading results in a continuation of the US dollar gains. A broad based recovery of the US currency is what has been missing yesterday morning to call the market behavior a proper return of the Trump trade...

UK GDP grows faster than forecast

This morning saw the release of data which shows that the UK economy grew faster than expected in the final quarter of 2016. The pound is higher on the day but has seen some weakness since the release, perhaps due to some traders seeing this as a good opportunity to book some profits after a strong run higher in the past couple of weeks...

A small sell-off on Oil after API

After a closing bell on Wall Street, API issued a weekly report on Crude Oil inventories in the US. The report is pretty bearish for oil. Inventories rose by 2.93mln bbl with expectations at 2.5mln. If the data is confirmed it will be the 3 consecutive week of growth...

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