Dutch Elections: Is Netherlands the next domino to fall?

14 March, 2017

Trump’s triumph and Brexit not only proved that appealing to the crowd works best in the fight for power but also made populism a catching example for other European countries. Opinion polls in France and the Netherlands indicate a strong backing for right-wing parties, building their publicity on the rising Islamophobia, ethnocentrism, immigration control and drive to independence, as essential components to protect a nation’s interests. The upcoming Dutch election gives a decent chance for the opposition parties to sweep the boards, allowing the right-wing populism group to continue spreading all around the world.

Islamophobia has become a welcome trick for politicians of different trends, but it is best used from the right-wing, whose calls until recently found a mild response from the public. Anti-Islamic rhetoric perfectly coincided with the settlement of 59,000 refugees that cost to the Netherlands an average of more than 1 billion euros and resulted in the slashing of the state’s social benefits. Membership in the European Union has started to nurture a distaste among the population, allowing the one-member “Freedom Party” to pull ahead in the polls.

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