Technical Analysis EUR/USD, GBP/USD

14 July, 2017

Technical Analysis EUR/USD, GBP/USD


We are seeing currency pair trending upwards. The 4-hour chart we see the upward trend creating a third wave of the upper limit of level 3. Concurrently the fifth wave v of 3 forming at the lower level, and the correction (ii) is ending in an irregular flat. If speculation is correct, the pair has the potential to reach levels of 1.1550–1.1650. The critical level is assumed 1. 1366.


The GBP/USD is also in a rising trend. The 4-hour chart shows fifth wave 5 of the upper level being created. The correction down ii of 5, is creating a zigzag (a)(b)(c) pattern, is ending, and the third wave iii of 5 is beginning. The pair is speculated to grow possibly reaching levels of 1.3150–1.3350. The critical level is set as 1.2800.

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Technical Analysis EUR/USD

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