Forex advisor Infinity

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Forex adviser Infinity is a relatively new tool for committing automatic transactions on currency markets. Despite this the adviser has already become quite popular both among professional traders and novices on the financial market. In its works the adviser uses a trading strategy of the same name «Infinity». Forex adviser Infinity is absolutely free to use which only enlarges its popularity. The adviser is an example of an outstanding versatility. It does not limit a trader in the choice of a currency pair, works with absolutely all timeframes, is suitable for both types of trading accounts – with four or five digits after dot. The strategy used by the adviser is quite transparent and easy to understand. The Infinity trading strategy does not imply the usage of any kinds of stops. But nevertheless it is advisable to set stop-loss in the gap between 50 and 100 points, so that a currency pair had enough time for the change of the tendency, if required. The adviser has a trailing-stop, but take-profits are not used, because they are absent in the utilized trading strategy. The charts in the Infinity forex adviser are built on the base of an improved indicator - Center of Gravity, which is a modified analogue of Bollinger lines.

Developer Forex Advisers Portal
Class middle term
Type trend
Lot size not less than 10000 units per 0.1 of a standard lot
Deposit, $ 1000
Leverage 500
Timeframes any
Strategies Infinity
Indicators Center of Gravity
Recommended brokers Alpari, FxClub, NordFX
Trading tool/currency pairs EURUSD
Yield per annum, % 15.64
Max.drawdown, % per annum 11.61
Rating 3.7
Automatic account type
Multiple usage
Mini deposits
Max risk limitation
Several one-way series
Auto start lot
Fixed stop loss
Fixed takeprofit
Automatic lapse expansions
Created, year 2012

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