Forex advisor EA Better

Forex adviser EA Better, according to its developers, is a piece of software based on a neural network principle. In practice, this means that the adviser, or its neural network, is able to learn and memorize market combinations and figures, allowing commit profitable transactions. At the same time Forex adviser EA Better can adapt to the constantly changing currency market. EA Better is a medium-term trend forex adviser. This means that it keeps the position open in the market during several hours. EA Better is suitable for trading with the majority of forex brokers allowing automatic transactions. It is advisable to use the adviser with highly liquid currency pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/YEN, GPS/USD and alike. The adviser has such advantages as the possibility of a round-a-clock work and its ability to set hard insurance stop-loss orders at the opening of the market positions. Besides, it can work with any timeframes. But the preferable timeframe for EA Better is H1. The main disadvantage of the adviser is the limited variety of trading terminals with which it can be used. On the other hand, EA Better is highly flexible to the choice of the size of the trading deposit and allows the usage of micro accounts and micro lots.

Developer EA Better
Class middle term
Type trend
Lot size not less than 2000 units per 0.1 of a standard lot
Deposit, $ 50
Leverage 500
Timeframes any, but preferrably H1
Strategies own strategy
Indicators non-indicator
Recommended brokers InstaForex
Trading tool/currency pairs EUR/USD,GBP/USD, AUD/USD
Yield per annum, % 15.62
Max.drawdown, % per annum 31.11
Rating 1.44
Automatic account type
Multiple usage
Mini deposits
Max risk limitation
Several one-way series
Auto start lot
Fixed stop loss
Fixed takeprofit
Automatic lapse expansions
Created, year 2012