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Blue Trading
Regulation FC, GFEC
Trading software Mirror Web Trader, MetaTrader4/5
Headquartered Japan

Blue Trading was founded by Richard Anderson and team in 2012 for private, institutional investors, opening the first full-service retail accounts in early 2016. Richard knew there were no funds offering a truly diversified modern approach with FX/Currency, Commodity, as well as Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency trading. Blue Trading is a full service managed account trading firm.

We offer a simple approach to your trading needs with an impressive Managed Account Platform that allows users to watch their accounts grow by logging in 24 hours a day. Clients have the ability to view their account anytime, but are not required to make any trade execution decisions on their own behalf.

Our Professional Approach

Our traders have a combined 40 years of experience allowing them to achieve impressive trading returns while clients monitor their accounts from around the world via their computer or smartphone/tablet devices.

Blue Trading is continually engaging the necessary level of perpetual market research and development in order to consistently maintain a continuing state of relevance with respect to the constantly changing FX, Crypto, and Commodity markets.

The trading team executes high probability trades and is in constant evaluation of respectively traded instrument algorithms with ongoing evaluation of new cryptocurrency instruments a well as more exotic FX pairs.

Utilizing our proprietary algorithms, during specifically isolated trading periods, customary price action is very carefully identified as most conducive to our underlying strategies.

Blue Trading trading information

Address Japan
Headquarters Japan, Monaco, Switzerland
Free phone +410435081879
24 hour support
Mobile trading
Automated trading
24 hour trading
Digits after the dot in quotes 4, 5
Minimum position size 0.1, 0.01
Spread Type variable
Pip spread on majors 1-3
Leverage 100
ECN, $
Standard account, $ 3000
Mini account, $
Popular payment methods Bank Wire transfer, Bitcoin transfer
Account currencies EUR, Bitcoin
Other instruments crypto, commodities, bitcoin
Languages English
Platforms Mirror Web Trader, MetaTrader4/5
Broker type ECN, STP
Regulation FC, GFEC
Foundation 2015
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Blue Trading
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Blue Trading
Best Crypto Currencies Forex Broker 2017

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Blue Trading latest reviews

I opened my account at the beginning of July 2018 with 20k. By the first week of September the account total after performance fees was 26k so I withdrew the 6k and left the original stake to run. At the start of November the account balance net of performance fees stood at 27,500 so I withdrew the 7,500 and left the original stake to run. Most recently, the balance at the beginning of Feb 2019 net of performance fees was 27,000 so I withdrew the 7,000 and the balance remains in my account. If you add up the withdrawals above you will see that Blue Trading have paid me 102.5% of my initial investment IN JUST SEVEN MONTHS!!! I have used both methods of withdrawing funds - via a Coinbase Bitcoin account and a direct bank transfer into a UK high street bank account. Withdrawal requests are dealt with immediately and the Bitcoin route is pretty much instant whereas the bank account route can take a couple of days. When I set my account up, there were very few reviews out there so it was very difficult to decide if Blue Trading was a scam or not. I did not want to write a review myself until I had physically withdrawn every penny of my initial stake and a little profit to boot. As of 6th Feb I have my original 20k back plus 500 profit and a 20k free ride still sitting in my account racking up an average of around 12/15% per month additional income - that's a small pension right there! I intent to open a second account very soon and can not recommend Blue Trading highly enough!

Mick   10 February, 2019  

Similar experience. Deposited 3k around July 2018; grew to 4300 in 9 weeks (over 40%), withdrew 4200. Oct to Nov deposited in increments to a total of about 46,000. Nov to Feb 2019 it grew to 59,000. Just withdrew 20,000. Maybe sometime in the future things will go south but for now, I'm making hay while the sun shines. Go Baby Blue!

Morgan   12 February, 2019

Do you have any news on Bluetrading?

Jimmy   10 December, 2018  

I joined them in April 2018 so far is very good profit, good customer services fast bitcoin withdraw

m aladham   4 November, 2018  
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Hi Shaikh Abdul Mukhtar, I was just wondering if you ever received a response from Mr Umair Rajput. Kind regards Rod

Rod   12 August, 2018  

Shaikh, i've decided even with the lack of information I', going to give it a go.

Rod   16 August, 2018

Hey Rod, I'll tell you all you need to know about Blue Trading. I use Facebook as well. I'm from Melbourne Australia

Jimmy Scarff   24 August, 2018

Hi, just wondering how the trading is going with Blue Trading?

caleb   17 September, 2018

Bluetrading are great managed account. In 3 months my investment almost doubled. It's impressive. It's a wonderful experience for me.

dario   26 July, 2018  

Hi John Smith, still no reply from him do you can any feedback by real person who has invested?

Shaikh   12 August, 2018

Just wondering if your Still Happy with your Blue Trading account. They do sound very good but it is almost impossible to find out any information about the company.