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What cryptocurrency is the number №1 choice for Forex traders? Bitcoin may be the first option that comes to mind, but there are other promising coins to consider. Trading Ethereum is an exciting alternative many Ethereum Forex Brokers are offering today. The cryptocurrency has several unique features that offer valuable advantages to traders.

Forex Broker Review Year Status Cryptos
1FXTMFXTM2011Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
2FxProFxPro2006Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
3FIBO GroupFIBO Group1998Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
4HotForexHotForex2010Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
5XMXM2009Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
6OctaFXOctaFX2011Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
7Grand CapitalGrand Capital2006Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
8LH CryptoLH Crypto2018Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
9Olymp TradeOlymp Trade2014Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
10USGFXUSGFX2006Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
11ExnessExness2008Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
12ETFinanceETFinance2018Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
13ITRADERITRADER2013Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
14ProfitiXProfitiX2019Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
15FXOpenFXOpen2003Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
16DukascopyDukascopy2000Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
17eToroeToro2007Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
18FOREX.comFOREX.com1999Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
19Forex4youForex4you2007Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
20FreshForexFreshForex2004Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
21InstaForexInstaForex2007Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
22IronFXIronFX2010Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
23NordFXNordFX2008Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
24BithovenBithoven2019Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash
25IG MarketsIG Markets1995Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash

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Cryptos 7 days
1 Bitcoin -2.12%
2 Ethereum -2.37%
3 XRP -1.23%
4 Tether -0.45%
5 Bitcoin Cash 0.01%
6 Litecoin -1.94%
7 EOS -2.89%
8 Binance Coin -3.9%
9 Bitcoin SV -3.05%
10 Tezos 35.35%
11 Stellar -3.78%
12 Cardano -1.47%
13 TRON -3.4%
14 Monero -2.26%
15 UNUS SED LEO -3.93%
Crypto Rating

Ethereum Forex Broker vs. Bitcoin Forex Broker

It is unlikely that you will find a Forex Broker, offering Ether as the only cryptocurrency in its portfolio. An Ethereum Forex Broker most often is a Bitcoin Forex Broker at the same time – Ethereum trading is offered as part of broker’s cryptocurrency portfolio. However, Ether has several unique features which make it worth considering for those crypto traders who want to diversify their strategy.

What makes Ethereum unique?

Ethereum is one of the forks of Bitcoin, which is no less popular than the parent cryptocurrency. Ethereum developers have tried to move away from the concept of Bitcoin, seeking to create a unique digital currency with its own characteristics and advantages. The result was a whole platform that allows users to create applications on a decentralized network, and the number of DApps (decentralized applications) is growing with breath-taking speed. It is believed that Ethereum is a currency capable of speeding up the process of decentralization of the modern world economy and influencing its various branches. Currently, Ethereum is supported by many Fortune 500 companies. New Ether is produced every year, while the supply of Bitcoin is limited.

Tips for trading with Ethereum Forex Broker

ETH/USD pair is remarkable for a fairly high market volatility, therefore it is recommended only for experienced and active traders. Volatility is a normal characteristic of any market, and it is already well known that cryptocurrency market is one of the most unstable. Practice ruling your emotions with less sensitive assets before you turn to trading with Ethereum Forex Broker.

Forex trading is not only about short term trading. Consider Ethereum for your long term strategies, as it has demonstrated an outstanding performance in the past. Ether is one of the most profitable investment options for the entire existence of the financial market. This currency appeared in 2015 and since then has grown by more than 1000%. There are signals of bright future performance. Large banks like J.P. Morgan Chase, as well as the giants of the information sphere, Microsoft and Intel are already working on creating a business application for Ethereum, since the absence of intermediaries makes the Ethereum system extremely attractive for entrepreneurs.

Use Metatrader trading terminal features of an Ethereum Forex Broker to full advantage. Working in the Metatrader trading terminal implies the possibility of using leverage, automated trading is available in the Metatrader terminal based on trading algorithms and signals. The high leverage that a trader receives from a broker allows you to open a large transaction with a minimum investment. However, due to leverage, not only profits, but also losses can grow many times.

Monitor the news closely to filter the white noise from what’s truly important. The price of Ethereum may be affected by various news. For example, in June 2017, the price of Ethereum collapsed after news about the failure of algorithms, as a result of which traders began to sell off their positions and, thus, aggravated the fall. However, after a few seconds, the algorithms were restored, and the price went up again. Thus, the volatility of digital currencies is huge, and their course can change literally every moment. Any strong asset growth sooner or later may lead to a correction; it happens in the tradition financial market, it can happen in the cryptocurrency market.

In the rating below, you can see the best Ethereum Forex brokers offering Ethereum trading in a pair with the dollar and several other major fiat currencies, as well as in pure cryptocurrency pairs.