Electoral utopia will affect the US dollar exchange rate

September 1, 2016

The lull in the financial world seems to be alarming. For about half a month, the quotations of the major indexes have not changed significantly. The charts that demonstrate a thready pulse would generate a lot of speculations and create the most unexpected forecasts. The main locomotive of the World economy is America and, particularly, its monetary system. During the election campaign in the United States there is a semblance of stability in the financial sector - all macroeconomic statistics begins to demonstrate only positive dynamics. Based on this, the general public /society have confidence to the candidates there.

However, in contrast to this, the idyllic picture may not come true this week. The reason is in the anticipated news on the labor market in America. This indicator is the first one in a series of important financial publications of September. With the positive news the likelihood for increase of the key rate in the US can be increased, and if that happens, starting from 2 September the calm and peaceful atmosphere in the world of finance will be gone, and we may expect some serious dynamics in all types of markets.

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