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I'm reading a lot of hqbroker negative reviews, and a smile doesn't leave my face. Can I just ask a question: why does such kind of people think that their personal discharge is caused by the poor-quality work of the broker? As if some traders simply forget about the risks that accompany each transaction, even for a minute. I've been already trading here for half a year, and so far there has been no slippage, and the quotes are actual, everything works fine. Trading conditions are tolerable, the spread does not rise too high during the news release...

Smallz   6 June, 2019  

I just started trading, since the broker provides a personal manager, I have not yet had time to understand the basics of trading. The manager suggested starting with $ 300; we opened several deals while the profit was growing. I am sure there will be a moment, when I loose my whole deposit. I want to try to trade on my own, figure out how to look for entry points, but there's no hurry, there will be more

De Silva   5 June, 2019  

Broker increasingly confirms its reliability. In order to trade profitably, all opportunities are provided, even for the first replenishment 50% of the starting deposit is provided, which is quite a nice bonus, this percent, of course, cannot be withdrawn, but new horizons are opening up in the trade. I don't have no reason to write HQBroker negative reviews, sometimes I look through the forums, mostly complaints are about a small number of methods of depositing/withdrawing funds, but I can agree with that. The main thing is that the broker is constantly evolving, and they have a very convenient web-site, there is a lot of useful information for newbie traders. About half a year I have already been trading on their site, the performance is undeniably brilliant, the withdrawal is always according to the rules, not more than 3 days.

Kurt   4 June, 2019  

I treat trading more as a hobby. I rarely trade, never even withdraw money. But HQbroker still does not fail, maybe my time has come to become more serious in my trade, read economical articles on HQbroker official website, trade with the manager, otherwise I don't do anything like that, hastily making deals from the phone. You may see things lika that in transport. But I don't consider trade as the relevant money source yet. As a hobby, yes, but I will not act thoughtlessly and loose money either. On HQbroker official website there are articles and video tutorials, I read them, but there is general knowledge. Probably, in order to learn something, you need to plunge into the pool with your head, and you can't achieve anything with superficial trading like mine

Lenny   3 June, 2019  

From HQbroker I have only positive impressions. I tested the platform for about a month, and the execution was very good, there were many trading tools. And the terms are still the same. If you want to trade currency and stocks, it's a great chance. But I was worried about withdrawal, finding a normal broker still seems like something something unreal nowadays, almost a dream. When I filed an application, I was nervous for 2 days, and then for the third day my money came, I sighed calmly. I hope that the trade will go on, the broker seems to be interested in creating convenient and favorable conditions for customers. Now I understand why so many traders prefer HQbroker.

Pharell   31 May, 2019  

I basically do not want to work with brokers from my country. I chose HQ because the company is still young, and I hope not so unscrupulous. For the week of trading, it is difficult to say something, but there are no problems with the execution, quotations are displayed - everything is as it should be. I place great hopes on them, I'm tired of looking for a suitable broker company, but I don't want to work with deceivers either...

Gregory   30 May, 2019  

I like that HQbroker care about their reputation. And they take care not only by providing all the necessary legal documentation and licenses, but also in the approach to customer service, in providing convenient and favorable terms of trade, even a trading platform is available for any kind of operating system. I have already installed it on my phone, but I do not use it for trading. At the moment this is the best broker with which I worked. At least managers do not argue with you. Yes, I have had such an experience.

Mrs. Hide   30 May, 2019  

I still like this broker. It would be nice if we could trade on mt5. This program is more familiar to me, but MT4 is a clasisic, so it is quite logical that hqbroker offers trading on this platform. NDD-performance works fine, you can safely pipsing, knowing that there will be no problems. The broker seems to be created for scalping, the spread on the euro/dollar pair starts from 1.2 points. Therefore, before the release of news and on Friday, I try not to trade, and on some quite days I can earn $ 30 a day, this is a very good result

Alex   27 May, 2019  

I saw an hqbroker review with complaints about a small number of withdrawal methods, but it seems to me that the broker, on the contrary, chose the most reliable methods. I just withdraw it to the card, for me this is the easiest way, there is also no commission, and most importantly - they don't delay your money for more than a few days, this is very respectful of the customers on their part. It can be seen that hqbroker takes care of its reputation.

guest   24 May, 2019  

On Thursday 2/5/19, the company hqbroker.com has established itself as a phone call in the person of their representative. Did they know that I am well-versed in the matter of the market exchange, I do not know, but the fact was that I listened attentively to everything that this woman told me. I answered the questions as if I was ready for them, so I did not notice anything unnecessary in our conversation with her, but I was thoroughly interested in investing and opening an account with them. Well, why not? I thought, and after the weekend I decided to open with the sum of $ 4200. During this period, $ 748 of profit was earned with such a depot on currency pairs. For a first acquaintance, this is a good result.

Johaness   23 May, 2019  

First of all, i like the broker's execution. As a trader who trades intraday, I appreciate it. Orders are processed quickly, without losses and delays. Spreads are also quite good, compared to other brokers, I would say that they are average at hqbroker, but there is no commission for depositing and withdrawing funds, and there are no hidden fees, such as for account service etc.

Masimo   22 May, 2019  

I saw in hq broker reviews that Skrill is also used as a payment system, so I was upset that I could not use it for withdrawal. Now I have to use only the bank card, and this takes a week, but not a few hours as Skrill. Therefore, I will call it one of the major omissions for hq broker and their clients. But I've already withdrawn more than 3000$ from the broker, so I can call this broker reliable anyway

Archie   21 May, 2019  

Losing a deposit from hqbroker is easy, but the most important thing is that you can make this with any broker company just as easily. I lost $ 800 dollars on oil here, but also earned a lot more. I heard that the clients of this company say in the hqbroker reviews that they only withdraw 10%, I haven't yet come face to face with such results. After all this negativity, which appeared so quickly, I wanted to withdraw all the money, but then, I don't know what these people are talking about, it looks more like a customized negative, so I just put $ 1,500 on the withdrawal for verification, confirmed the withdrawal, the profit came After 6 days, I am even more convinced that the broker works as usual.

Born   20 May, 2019  

put on the withdrawal $ 1000 05/05/19, and the withdrawal was received only 05/17/19. money have come, but why with such a delay? the withdrawal on the card should go 3-5 days, no? there are other things written in hqbroker reviews, and then I got a delay of 12 days

tom   17 May, 2019  

I have finally been set free from this bondage all the funds I lost to this company was successfully recovered with the help of paulmalsowizrecovery at gmail DOT com a true financial recovery expert . After 3 months of waiting on this company to accept my withdrawal request which they denied me . They shot me out of my account and stop responding totally to my mails. I was very lucky as they were able to help me recover my money from this frauds. Please stay away from this company.

hobbs rusell   16 May, 2019  

I have HQ ECN account for 5 months. I trade only on forex, I am satisfied with the broker. Execution without requotes, and withdrawals are fast, depending on what to compare, but for 4 days it always comes. Criticism of the conditions is inappropriate, everybody can see them on the hqbroker official website and understand, what they will deal with. Personally Ihink that it is good that HQ complies with its own terms of trade, there are no complaints with regard to the spread and withdrawal

Teb   16 May, 2019  

I started trading on the stock exchange this year. Since the beginning of February I have contacted with hqbroker and started trading. Trading at the time brought me many items on the daily charts. My trade are proceeding successfully till now. Just nice to remember how it all began.

Brom   15 May, 2019  

A lot of things are being written about HQ Broker right now, but I'm watching something from the outside, so I also decided to leave my comment. I am ready to agree with something, but I do not agree with anything at all. I had an experience on trading on financial markets, so I skipped the half of the manager's advice, without this I would waste so precious time for me. Managers want to earn money, but they don't want to help you earn money. When the first problems began, I thought about changing the broker, but then I read reviews on many other brokers, and saw nothing else better. I am not affected by the company, and I trade well here, the company works in the same way, I see no reason to change anything.

Bbby-   14 May, 2019  

Reviews of hqbroker are so disparate that it is difficult to decide whether I want to trade here or not, someone really likes it, someone wants to close them in hell. The situation is, in general, like everywhere else, but there is little objectivity. The con is that there are no demo, but in general, I am not positively cooperative

Pat Caas   13 May, 2019  

it isn't my first year on the stock exchange, i know how to trade perfectly and i can compare myself with the chef, who creates his own unique recipes, and i also create my own unique strategies that help me to trade. i have been working with hqbroker since last winter and our partnership i successful

zsx   30 April, 2019  

You are so strange, you shift your losses from trading to the conscience of others. I also suffered losses from hq broker, not the entire deposit, but practically. But I earned here much more than I had invested. Trading is completely unknown to me without loss, although my experience is not 2-3 months, but 5 years.

s_deawoh   29 April, 2019  

I have been trading at hq broker for two months already, I like everything, I even have done a decent withdrawal. But I wanted to know, is the round-the-clock support available only to investors? Previously I did not attach any importance to this, but now it is better to clarify

Eliott   26 April, 2019  

I am one of the few who trade at hqbroker independently, and I like everything. The hqbroker reviews praise the support much, but I don't want this trade. I'd rather trade on 1 000 by myself, and decide what, how, and when. I've already made sure that the broker works normally, the withdrawal is also reliable, and everything else depends on me, so this king of trade suits me

Bonapart   24 April, 2019  

everybody dreams of trading independently, but if I'm on a gold account now, and replenish more than 2000$ every month, and the manager will help and train me, then I won't need to change my account to the 1000$ deposit just because I want to trade myself, now I know that I won't be able to trade on the gold account by myself, it still seems to me that if the support is good and works without bad intentions, then why refuse it

banshee   25 April, 2019

Trading without loss on forex will not work. There will be both ups and downs. And that's fine. I was lucky that my manager immediately prepared me for this and psychologically I was 100% ready. At hqbroker everything is fine with this, the staff works fine and works with clients to prepare them on an emotional level. Consequently, it is easier to trade with this attitude and such preparation.

Martin   23 April, 2019  

HQbroker is a good company. Now I'm only on a silver account, but the company works honestly and authoritatively. There is no serious spread extension, and the long execution, and so on an ongoing basis. I used to have an account in another broker company, but then I started trading here, and it feels like this company's level is much higher.

weqee   22 April, 2019  

The first company for me, but I have been trading here for more than a year. I wrote hqbroker reviews just a few times, it seems to me, people write more often when everything is bad, and not when everything is good, so I'm from this type of people. However I decided to write a review the way I got to the gold account, and decided that I should say a couple of good words. No one will make a decent account with a broker, in which he or she is not sure, but during that time they have never failed, and I have not had any problems here. Now a gold account brings a good profit, so I can advise hqbroker for serious investors

guest   19 April, 2019  

To be honest, I am disappointed. Reading hqbroker reviews seems that this is just some kind of paradise for traders, but in reality this is not the case. I would call the broker an ordinary one, not bad, but not good either. I thought that the support would somehow be more active, that there would be some interesting ideas from the manager, that the spread would be the same as indicated on the site, but everything is rather ordinary. Maybe the company is not bad, and I will not leave, but I cannot say that this is the best company under the terms.

Hannah   18 April, 2019  

I am not a millionaire, the account is only 2K for 4 months. In October it was almost $ 300 profit, and in November only $ 120, now even such things upset me. Recalling my previous company, then just at the coming of the same time, I had to quarrel with them because of withdrawals that had not come for several weeks. It's good, after all, that I got to hq broker, I don't know any problems, and now I'm complaining about the profit. But, I want to praise the company, not as eminent as my previous forex company, but they work much better

Petrika   17 April, 2019  

One year pasased in hqbroker, and during this time I had one bad month, when I tried to change the rules of trading, tried to trade differently, it turned out worse. Then I understood in which direction it would be logical for me to go further. This is how you learn from mistakes. Now I always try to remember that everything doesn't always work for the first time.

White Lion   12 April, 2019  

They don't hide anything, information about them is open. There are no commissions, everything is fair and quotes are real. So far, I have a good opinion about HQbroker, and the withdrawal service hasn't dissapointed me, although money doesn't always come to the card within 3 days, it happens that more time is needed, there've been a maximum of 6 days. At such conditions here I am ready to stay and trade for a long time

Daril Shell   10 April, 2019  

Yes, commissions for me were a big problem in the past, some companies even doesn't know what to do more to rob your money from an account, in this case hqbroker stands out positively

fighter   11 April, 2019

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