Trading Seminars in Thailand

12 April, 2017

Trading Seminars in Thailand

This year, Thailand has been a regular destination for the XM forex educationalists devoted to impart practical knowledge to online investors.

The first two locations of our Thailand spring seminar series were Khon Kaen on 18th March and Phitsanulok on 8th April. In each city, a great number of participants honored us with their presence, which reflects the ongoing demand for the free seminars hosted by XM, with special regards to forex trading.

Event speaker Sompop Jittrakul delivered a detailed presentation on a set of techniques used to analyse price action and trending, capture larger price moves and apply the correct position sizing on a sustainable level.

During the intensive seminar held in each of the Thai cities, event guests had the opportunity to not only gain valuable knowledge on quintessential trading tools such as Fibonacci, but also learn how to incorporate some of the efficient strategies into their individual forex trading routines.

We thank all our clients who joined us Khon Kaen and Phitsanulok, and we resume our spring forex seminar series soon by visiting Chonburi on 22nd April, Hat Yai on 6th May and Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima) on 20th May.

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