Seminar Series Starting in MENA

2 August, 2017

As of September, XM will be starting an intensive trading seminar series in various locations in the MENA countries, specially designated for online investors who wish to acquire useful knowledge on trading forex and other financial instruments.

Between September and December this year, the seminar entitled Introduction to the Avramis Swing Trading Techniques will be held in different location of the MENA region. As an essential part of XM’s dedication to providing online traders with professional education, the seminar series aims at helping them improve their forex trading practices and incorporate risk management techniques into their individual trading strategies for better results.

The first two destinations of the grand seminar tour will be Cairo, Egypt, on 30th September, where we look forward to welcoming event guests at Ramses Hilton Hotel for a one-day seminar and workshop held by presenter Habib Akiki. This event will then be soon followed by Kuwait City, Kuwait, on 14 October, where the seminar is to take place at Marriott Courtyard Hotel.

The seminar syllabus follows a systematic approach to swing trading techniques, which is meant to help participants get a better grasp of how this particular trading style can be pursued on a sustainable level. With the professional guidance of presenter Habib Akiki, event participants will not only have the opportunity to understand the intrinsic correlations of the forex market, but will also learn about one of the major components of swing trading: technical analysis.

The seminar will conclude with the XM Lucky Draw offering valuable prizes to the lucky winners, whose names will be raffled on the event premises.

To read more details and register for the upcoming seminar, as well as to follow up with the next locations of the XM seminar series in the MENA countries, click here.

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