FXTM Seminar in Thailand

27 September, 2017

FXTM Partners is committed to providing clients around the world with market leading trading education. To that end, we recently hosted a highly informative one-day seminar, followed by exclusive one-on-one meetings with the VP of Corporate Development and Market Research, Jameel Ahmad.

Over 50 forex enthusiasts leapt at the opportunity to learn valuable market knowledge straight from the expert and boost their understanding of technical and fundamental analysis on Gold and FX Majors.

The seminar covered a number of essential topics, including:

  • Currency market movements of Gold and FX Majors.
  • How world events shape up the relationship between Gold and FX Majors.
  • Using fundamental analysis for Gold and FX Majors to boost a trading strategy.
  • Insights into forecasting market movements on a daily, quarterly and yearly basis.

After the event, Jameel commented, “I don’t think I have ever seen a more enthusiastic and eager to learn group of traders. Thai traders are hungry for education and they definitely have great potential.”

On behalf of all of us here at FXTM Partners, we would like to thank everyone who attended these events and made them such a big success.

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