Free Seminar on Intraday Trading

26 February, 2018

Free Seminar on Intraday Trading

For retail traders willing to develop their investment skills with practical knowledge, XM hosts a free forex seminar in the Hungarian capital this spring, where professional XM instructor Attila Szoboszlai will deliver a presentation on intraday trading techniques.

Due to be held on 14th April, the educational event titled The Dow Theory in Intraday Trading serves the purpose of giving participants a close insight into setting up efficiently working trading strategies by using technical analysis tools, with special respect to the Dow Theory.

For online investors who intend to reach an advanced level of trading, being familiar with the more intrinsic correlations of market behaviour bears high relevance. For this reason, Attila Szoboszlai will explain several major principles, such as how market prices reflect demand-supply; the difference between primary, secondary and minor market trends; and how trend reversals work. The concept of price action will also be elaborated on in detail as it helps traders assess the markets and make decisions based on the actual price movements on charts rather than simply relying on indicators.

Attila Szoboszlai will not only introduce the use of new technical analysis techniques to those present, but he will also guide them through the main requisites of pursuing online trading on a sustainable level, including relevant factors such as trading psychology and self-awareness, setting up realistic investment goals, and applying risk management.

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