FXTM Seminar on Cryptocurrencies

21 August, 2018

FXTMPartners hosted an informative seminar in the Loei Province of Thailand, on Monday, August 13th, and received a fantastic turnout. Featuring a key presentation on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, the ‘FXTMPartners Products & Services’ seminar was held at the beautiful Loei Palace Hotel and lasted the entire day.   

The interactive session kicked off with a company presentation, introducing the attendees to everything that FXTMPartners has to offer in terms of services and products.

Other highlights from the seminar include:

  • An overview of the types of accounts traders can open with FXTM, including a useful tutorial on how the deposit and withdrawal process works
  • An hour-long presentation on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, followed up with a Q&A session
  • A look into the FXTM partnership with introducing brokers and affiliates
  • Group sessions with their own Q&A’s about all topics discussed in the seminar
  • Networking with fellow traders and industry experts

On behalf of FXTMPartners, we’d like to thank everyone who attended the ‘FXTMPartners Products & Services’ seminar in Thailand. The event marks another step on our continuous mission to spread forex knowledge to traders around the world.

To learn more about FXTMPartners, please visit their website.

If you’re interested in learning more about our upcoming events, don’t forget to bookmark our seminars page.  

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