Trading Strategy in Webinars Dose

18 September, 2018

Stratton Markets invite traders to attend their upcoming forex live webinars with James Trescothick in October 2018. Check out the subjects and choose your seat!

October 2nd: The importance of Market Sentiment

An outstanding webinar about the war between the bulls and the bears. Learn how to follow the Market Sentiment and what hints to look for in your trading adventures. 

October 9th: Elliott wave theory

Elliott realised that he could better understand the markets by understanding the traders’ emotions. Join this webinar to learn how Elliott found order amidst the trading chaos.

October 16th: Understanding EUR and GBP

You hear about them every day, and probably use them as often. But how much do you really know about the EUR and GBP? Join James in his webinar, and test your knowledge.

October 23rd: Understanding Moving Averages

If you’re looking to understand the trends followed by assets and making sense of bulks of data, then join this webinar and learn from James’ experience.

October 30th: How I learned Naked trading

Strip the chart and join this webinar to learn about a highly debated trading strategy. It’s analytical – might be taboo – and trend oriented.

Understand the Santa Rallies Phenomenon

Christmas is not just a magical period, it's also the time when the financial market is filled with hope and wonder. Only a few have heard of the Santa Claus...

Understanding Candlestick Patterns

Enhance your skills with Stratton's December webinars about trading styles and the wonders of the technical and fundamental analysis. Book...

Catch the drill with WTI & Brent

November 20, 2018. If your heart's pumping on the beat of a rig, you might want to join a webinar on the importance of oil. James is going to share from his past...

Ups & downs of Oscillators

November 6th, 2018. Ups and downs can get exciting when you get the hang of oscillators. Seize the momentum and tag along with James, in discovering more. If you tend to waver in front...

Trading Strategy in Webinars Dose

Stratton Markets invite traders to attend their upcoming forex live webinars with James Trescothick in November 2018.Check out the subjects and choose your seat...

Naked Trading Webinar, October 30

Naked Trading Webinar; James strips down the charts in a talk about how keeping it simple might be exactly what you need in your trading life...

Understanding Elliott Wave Theory

In this webinar, Chief Trading Educator James will be explaing Understanding Elliott Wave Theory. Get into traders mind and find out how their...

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