Practical Route to Disciplined Trading

31 October, 2018

Traders in Johannesburg joined acclaimed FX Educator Jacque Nel for his hugely informative Practical Route to Disciplined Trading events*, which commenced on Saturday, 20 October. The seminar and workshop were a huge success, with an enthusiastic audience and a great turnout of over 120 people combined – despite the rain!

Set in the beautiful grounds of the Protea Hotel Balalaika Sandton, the attendees were guided through the exciting world of forex, learning about the currency market and the different factors that affect price movements.

The Practical Route to Disciplined Trading began with an engaging seminar on 20 October, and included:

  • Detailed introductions to forex and trading the markets
  • A focus on where price movements begin, and
  • The Bollinger Bands strategy.

Feedback following the seminar was very positive, with many participants eagerly looking forward to the subsequent workshop and ready to learn more.

The two-day workshop took place on 23-24 October. This provided a chance for guests to consolidate their new-found knowledge and ask Mr Nel any questions that they had.

Topics covered in the workshop included:

  • Understanding trading tools
  • Risk Management
  • Calculating lot size, and
  • Bollinger Bands strategy with advanced filters & applications.

FXTM would like to thank everyone who attended and helped to make these events so enjoyable.

For the latest information on up-and-coming educational opportunities, visit our seminars page today!

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