Investment Summit in Port Harcourt

29 November, 2018

FXTM continues gaining momentum in promoting its core value of education with another spectacular edition of the E-Trading and Investment Summit in Port Harcourt, sponsored by FXTMPartners. This latest event is just the most recent example of our continued success in informing our clients about the importance of understanding all the aspects of forex trading.

Held on the 16th and 17th of November, the back-to-back seminar drew a big crowd, exceeding turnout expectations with nearly 200 eager participants hungry to learn about FXTM’s products and services. Presented by FXTM’s Head of Education in Nigeria, Conrad Okongwu, the huge success in terms of audience participation was reflected in the number of new registrations that were secured for FXTM – well over 50% of all participants registered to FXTM once the seminar concluded.

Highlights from the E-Trading and Investment Summit include:

  • An introduction for beginners, as they prepare to start trading in the forex market
  • Detailed presentation of FXTM’s education initiatives
  • A lively Q&A session with Mr Okongwu, where many of the attendees expressed a clear desire for more seminars and workshops
  • Interest in FXTM Invest and the partnership programme we offer through FXTMPartners
  • An atmosphere where networking was encouraged between participants 

There was also a lucky draw which attracted a lot of excitement. Some of the lucky winners walked away with brand-new Android phones!

The enthusiasm witnessed at the E-Trading and Investment Summit in Port Harcourt has left us feeling very proud and already planning the next event we’ll be having there. We want to thank each and every attendee, and we promise to come back very soon!

Please keep an eye on our seminars page to learn about educational opportunities in your area.

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