Ultimate Trading Formula in Sylhet

26 April, 2019

Traders in Sylhet, Bangladesh, were excited to meet FXTM’s esteemed Head of Education Andreas Thalassinos at an exclusive Ultimate Trading Formula seminar on 5 April. Andreas has taken his extremely successful educational series all over the world, teaching thousands of traders how to potentially maximise their earning potential by concentrating on trend and risk management.

His coveted Ultimate Trading Formula events provide a valuable opportunity to meet a forex expert and learn new techniques first-hand. There was an excellent turnout of well over 100 enthusiastic attendees and all were ready to enjoy a day of interactive learning.

The topics covered included:

  • FXTM’s innovative Products and Services
  • How to develop effective risk trading strategies
  • Identifying potential high-probability entry and exit points
  • Risk-management techniques, and much more!

Thanks to all who helped to make this seminar such a terrific success!

The feedback we received was extremely positive, and we are thrilled that our guests found the seminar so helpful and interesting! FXTM’s mission is to spread forex knowledge around the world and empower traders to make educated decisions so they can trade with more confidence.

Find out if there’s an educational event coming to your area soon on our seminars page.

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