Investment Summit in Warri

27 May, 2019

FXTM’s Head of Education in Nigeria, Conrad Okongwu, was delighted to bring his incredibly successful E-Trading Investment Summit back to an excited audience in Warri, Nigeria, for two informative seminars and an advanced three-day workshop. It’s been almost five years since FXTM held an event in Warri, and the turnout was truly outstanding, with close to 450 participants in the first two days alone! Now that’s what we call a comeback!

These particular educational events are designed for investors who aim to improve their existing knowledge and develop their trading skills.

The Summit began on the 17 May with a one-day seminar at the Bon Hotel in Warri. 

Topics covered included:

  • An introduction to forex
  • A summary of FXTM’s wide array of products and services
  • The benefits of our innovative copy trading programme, FXTM Invest

The second seminar was equally as fruitful on 18 May, with attendees enjoying the chance to participate and ask their most pressing industry questions. Both days also ended with a lucky draw raffle where winners received a brand-new Android phone!

Following the seminars, the three-day workshop was held at the same location from 21 to 23 May. 

This was an opportunity to focus more deeply on forex fundamentals, including:

  • Trading platforms
  • Placing trades 
  • Stop Loss and Take Profit strategies
  • An Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Japanese Candlesticks
  • Risk-management principles
  • Trading psychology and much more.

It was great to see so much enthusiasm and interest throughout the entirety of our stay in Warri. We were really pleased to receive such positive feedback, as well as so many requests to bring the E-Trading and Investment Summit back to Warri later on this year!

FXTM would like to thank everyone who helped make the Summit such a terrific success.

Keep checking our forex seminars page for the complete list of all of our upcoming educational events.  

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