XM Technical Analysis Seminar in Tunisia

25 September, 2019

In October, XM expands the range of forex seminars hosted across North Africa, reaching a new destination: Tunisia.

We are pleased to announce that the seminar titled Trading with Reversal Patterns and the Avramis River will be held in the largest financial centre of the country, Tunis, on 26th October, giving local retail traders an opportunity to join the event and broaden their experience of online investing.

Due to take place at Golden Tulip El Mechtel Hotel, the seminar will be presented by Nizar Chaibi, Technical Analysis Instructor of Tradepedia LLC, whose aim is to convey essential details about specific technical analysis tools to event guests.

The focus will be on the practical use of indicators and chart patterns, which give good indications of market behaviour and signals of changing trends. As reversal chart patterns indicate important uptrend and downtrend market reversals, understanding their use is paramount for online investors looking for optimal entry and exit points in trading. To demonstrate how they work in practice, Nizar Chaibi will explain several trading scenarios to seminar participants that can help them make better investment decisions by keeping risk management techniques in view.

To complement the use of reversal patterns, event guests will also get to know why the proprietary indicator of Tradepedia, the Avramis River, can be a powerful technical analysis tool when it comes to identifying ranging markets and spotting high-quality market trend signals.

We look forward to welcoming our existing and new clients interested in gaining relevant information to our seminar in Tunis in order to provide them with professional guidance on developing their investing skills. 

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