Get inspired by success stories of Round 38 OctaFX Champion demo contest winners!

May 22, 2015

We can’t wait to share the experience of our OctaFX Chmpion demo contest winners with you. The stories are diverse and packed with some good pieces of advice that might be useful especially for newbie traders. Take a dare! And next success story might be about you.

Once again, welcome our Round 38 champions:

1st place - Mr. Crisojohennus Egi Bin Johnson from Malaysia

I am very happy to win the contest, and I am even more surprised and excited to outperform such competitive traders. Participation in the contest is a great opportunity for me to excel my trading abilities, since trading plays important part in my life. I am not going to stop participating in the competitions, and I will try out other contests as well. Learning is a continuous process! Based on my experience, I can tell that besides trading fundamentals, “trading psychology” is critical for traders. By saying that I mean a trader has to devise his own set of rules and adhere to it. Meanwhile, a trader should keep in mind risk and finance management. My perfect strategy can be described as: “When the bulls lose its steam then it’s time to short”. Trading is an art, and I do not focus on my gain and loss, but rather keep in mind my plan. I have been trading for 6 years, and only the last year paid off. I have a Guru, a mentor, who helps me to become a good trader. The orientation towards the goal is the only right way to succeed!

2nd place - Mr. Carvel Gabbidon from Jamaica

It feel excited about the accomplishment, as I am working hard to achieve my goal. I trade 2 hours per day during my trading hours. What I have learnt is that the patience is the key to success, as well as the ability to manage finances. My own trading strategy is a mix of some fundamental techniques and the analysis of my personal trading. Trial-and-error technique worked best for me, so now I have devised and developed my trading style. Speaking about my accomplishments, the biggest one was during the elections in Britain, which affected the British pound. It was a big gain for me!

3rd place - Mr. Achmad Dermawan Simatupang from Indonesia

I am quite satisfied with the results and the contest itself. I might admit that I trade 1 hour a day, which is definitely not enough. Perseverance and patience are very important in trading. For instance, patience is critical while determining trading indicators. Personally, I carefully monitor indicators, and it helps me to gain profit. What I like about the contest is that it helps to preserve big money from loss. It usually takes about 7 years to become a really good trader.

The last runner - Mr. Andrey Gladkih from Hungary

I liked the contest, everything was good. Honestly, the participation took all of my time. Unfortunately, I was the worst. I tried a variety of methods, but it seemed they all failed. I believe, it might require up to 5 years to become a good trader.

We would like to thank the traders for sharing their success stories, as we believe that by doing so we can build a trading community of proficient traders. Join our next round registration for the contest and become a champion! Next round is open for all participants!

Be the Champion with OctaFX!

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