New contest winners: the lucky currency pairs

20 January, 2017

We keep publishing the interview with our contest winners.

Here are the prizes that they receive:

  • For the 1st place in Drag Trade — real $200;
  • For the 1st place in Rally Trade — $500 no-deposit bonus;
  • For the 1st place in Micro Trade — 300% of the difference in equity;
  • For the 1st place in Futures Trade — $1000 no-deposit bonus.

In today’s newsletter are the winners of 347th and 350th rounds of Drag Trade and the winners of 181st and 184th rounds of Rally Trade. The winner of 184th round of Rally Trade had already won our contests before.

Meniya Eric Ogot, Kenya, the winner of 181st round of Rally Trade

I teach at medical school, and I've been trading a bit over two years. Now Forex is becoming more and more popular here in Kenya, though many are still skeptical about it. I personally think it has a lot of potential. As the web technology advances, even people with little funds are able to receive decent income through it. Two of my brothers are also into trading. Sometimes we discuss the situation of the market and profitable strategies. But in the end of the day, trading is an adventure on which you have to set off alone and only sometimes ask for support, just to be safe. The main danger in trading is inability to control your emotions, fear and greed. My strategy is multiframe analysis of 4-hour and daily diagram, strong support levels and resistance on Fibonacci retracement. I prefer volatile instruments and often trade with GBP/AUD, GBP/JPY pairs and sometimes USD/ZAR. I chose Grand Capital because of the wide range of trading instruments and competitive spreads. Grand Capital contests are a great opportunity for newbies to test their skills. I think that I took the first place in the contest thanks to careful selection of trading instruments. I think that beginners are too hung up on searching for the right strategy and forget about trading rules. Money management is the key to success. You may have a strategy that yields 40% of profit, but, anyway, in order to receive profit, you only need to manage your funds wisely and balance your risks and profits.

Natalya Filippova, Russia, the winner of 347th round of Drag Trade

I’m a dentist and I’ve been trading for a long time, but not too often. At first I ran into many difficulties and made a lot of mistakes. I won’t lie, there’s a lot of them even now. But I keep on learning: study fundamental analysis and advance my skills. My advice to beginners is to study, the more and longer the better. Trading attracts because of opportunity of income that in prospect is almost unlimited. I usually trade with JPY/USD and AUD/USD pairs. One of my most successful trades actually was with AUD/USD. It helped me to win the contest. Grand Capital was recommended to me by an acquaintance, I was told that the contests are good and withdrawal is fast and easy. As for Drag Trade, it’s a very convenient contest, it lasts only an hour. My opponents were behind only by a little bit, but I was lucky.

Sergiy Zhurkin, Ukraine, the winner of 184th round of Rally Trade

I started trading when I studied at the university. I was studying economy and cybernetics, so you can say that my qualification in a way determined the choice of my hobby. It seemed interesting to try myself as a trader. Trader converts knowledge into money. I learned trading on my own and the difficult part was controlling risks. Trader has to be cold-blooded. I remember clearly my best trade: I earned $1500 in four days, and my initial deposit was $25. The risks of that trade were, of course, pretty high. I always use economic calendar and trade with GBP/JPY and EUR/GPY. I worked with various brokers and I even have my own top list of the most reliable ones. I can recommend Grand Capital. Every Grand Capital contest has its advantages. I participated in several ones and sometimes even took the winning places. This time I won thanks to my experience. It’s way easier to lose than to earn on the market. You have to take trading seriously. I wish everyone to trade profitably!

Abd Elhadi Eslam Mahmud Fuad, Egypt, the winner of 350th round of Drag Trade

I work in tourism, and I got into trading almost by accident. For some time, I looked to invest into something and a friend told me about Forex. I started to read up on the subject, finished several online courses. After several months, I realized that I was ready, I had the knowledge and it was time to find a good broker. I paid attention to broker’s history, looked at how long it has been on the market. Also, fast deposit/withdrawal and order execution were important for me. I have found it all with Grand Capital. Forex is quite popular in my country. I discuss trading nuances and interesting strategies with my Facebook friends, although there are several traders among my offline friends. I’m my own master in trading, I can work at my leisure, when I want and where I want. My favorite trading instruments are GBP/JPY and GBP/USD pairs. I remember that in my first trade I used up all my margin when selling GBP/JPY and lost everything in a matter of seconds. But this experience taught me something. I can give two pieces of advice to beginner traders: find your broker and use simple strategy.

Learn more about contest rules and sign up for the next round here.

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