Interview with our contest winners. A profitable trade is already a victory

21 February, 2017

Meet the newest winners of Grand Capital’s regular contests. Yevgeny Voloboyev shared his experience with Micro Trade, Viktoria Lebedeva told us about her victory in Futures Trade and Khossam Makhmud Akhmed really pushed the envelope and won two of our contests in one week.

Read our winners’ reviews. Khossam Makhmud Akhmed from Egypt, the winner of 353rd round of Drag Trade and 187th round of Rally Trade

I’ve been trading for about four years. It all started the usual way: I stumbled upon an Internet article on Forex, finished several online courses and chose a reliable broker. I think that Forex is an effective source of income if, of course, you thoroughly study the market and understand its dynamics. Profit can be gained very quickly on the market. That’s why Forex industry is growing. However, the profit can be lost just as quickly. Greed and urge to grab more than you can carry are the marks of a newbie. It seemed like I was a winner only a moment ago, and had a solid growth on my account. But everything can change in a matter of seconds, and you’re an outsider. You have to be patient, set small goals and reach them. My most successful strategy is scalping and my favorite currency pairs are GBP/USD and USD/JPY. When considering a broker, I always pay attention to deposit/withdrawal timespan and order execution. It looks like Grand Capital is honest with its clients. I won two contests in one week. First it was Drag Trade. The excitement drove me to try Rally Trade, I have to say that in both rounds the weak movement of the prices played into my hands. There weren’t any big pieces of news that week and I was fully in control of the situation. I like both contests, but the hour-long Drag Trade really clicked with me. My advice for the beginners: study hard, practice on demo accounts and find the right broker.

Yevgeny Voloboyev, Belarus, the winner of 73rd round of Micro Trade

My job is managing the art therapy for persons with disabilities. I’ve been trading for three years now. I don’t think that I’ve become a true trader. I just looked to make some money for my projects and I did. I’m a self-taught trader. Sure, sometimes I feel the lack of knowledge and, to be honest, time as well.  A trader should always remember why they became a trader in the first place. I only trade EUR/USD pair. I like trading with Grand Capital — they are not pushy and don’t promise the pie in the sky, but at the same time they are reliable and offer a lot of interesting products. I trade on Micro accounts, so Micro Trade contest was right up my alley. The prospect of winning is an extra incentive. It’s a pity you can only win once! I was overwhelmed when I won, as I hadn’t expected it at all and it was a hell of a news! My advice is to keep a cool head and don’t let the passion and impatience get the best of you. If you’re going to start trading in earnest, I wish you to have all the knowledge. I wish Grand Capital team strength and success. “If the end is the salvation of the soul, then the end justifies the means” as Ignatius of Loyola said.

Viktoria Lebedeva from Russia, the winner if 49th round of Futures Trade

I’m an economist and work as a manager of retail shops. I’ve been trading for about three years in total. A lot of people don’t get the essence of trading and perceive the market as gambling, a casino. It’s a common misconception, however. I expand my knowledge through various Forex forums and info resourses like RBC, Finam and Bloomberg. Controlling your losses is difficult. That’s why a competent trader should have the nerves of steel to have a sober overview of the market situation. I consider every profitable trade a victory. I chose Grand Capital because of the vast variety of instruments and long history of the company. Obviously, contest strategy is different from the real one, you don’t lose your money on a demo account. I decided to participate in Futures Trade because of the biggest prize and because it’s easier to actualize all your capabilities in the span of a week, than a day of an hour. I recommend the beginners to read more, analyze the news and, of course, to participate in contests’.

You can learn the rules of our contests and sign-up for the next round here.

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