Trading is hard work and freedom

28 March, 2017

In the fifth round-up the winners discuss the essence of trading. They often agree in their views on it. The ideas that “trading is freedom” and that “trading is hard work” were present in every interview, one way or another. Hare are the interviews of two winners of Drag Trade and two winners of Rally Trade.

Abel Yonatan, Indonesia, the winner of 188th round of Rally Trade

"After I’d finished school I was looking for a place to earn some money for a long while. Eventually I took interest in financial markets. It’s been five years and I still earn money by trading. Trading gives freedom: I’m not bound by time and I’m in charge of my own life. Even if what I earn is just a drop in the ocean compared to all the money on the market, it is still enough for me to live on. A good trader should be open to the market, as much as possible. Because the market is always right. When I first started trading, the hardest part for me was not to be greedy. My trading strategies are based on the essential indicators, such as Stochastic Oscillator, Bollinger lines etc. I combine them with support and resistance levels. Also I necessarily stick to one pair. My most successful trade had to do with Brexit. I sold one GBP/USD lot and got $5000 in an hour. In general I like to trade with GBP/JPY and EUR/USD pairs. I chose Grand Capital as my broker because I like when deposits are fast and easy. I use FasaPay for deposits and withdrawals with Grand Capital. Also, Grand Capital offers great bonuses and contests. My piece of advice to beginner traders: always keep in mind that you have to calm down and relax before you start trading. And base your strategy on actual market indicators and not on your own speculations".

Svetlana Pletnyova, Russia, the winner of 356th round of Drag Trade

"I started trading quite recently. An acquaintance suggested that I try, so I went ahead with it. My professional training is in cooking, although I work as a salesperson. Trading appeals to me as a great opportunity to make money. I’m still learning to trade and I’ve got enough difficulties. Just consider the terms alone! I hope that my most brilliant trade is yet ahead. I waltzed into Grand Capital’s contest expecting something interesting and productive. And so it was. I use more volatile instruments in contests and proceed as situation demands. Luck and persistence helped me win this round. I don’t dare to give advice to others, as I’m myself still a beginner. So I’ll just wish everyone luck!"

Aleksandr Sasyuk. Russia, the winner of 189th round of Rally Trade

"I own an IT consulting company. I’ve been trading for more than six years. I was looking for extra income and eventually came to financial markets. Trading appeals to me because of freedom and independence. I learned trading on my own. At first I got distracted a lot when my friends started giving out advice and pushing their own vision of the market situation. But I didn’t trust anyone and went my own way. The trade that stuck with me was the one that resulted in 1100% with the EUR/GPY pair in an hour. My favorite strategy is Price Action (editor’s note: Price Action is trading without indicators, relying solely on price dynamics). When I choose brokers I consider promptness of deposit/withdrawal and order execution. I’ve entered Grand Capital contest to evaluate the reliability of the company".

Vladimir Belikov, Russia, the winner of 367th round of Drag Trade

"I’m a logistics specialist in a furniture company. I’ve been trading for about a year. Extra income doesn’t hurt, after all. So I decided to try to earn money on Forex. It’s pretty convenient, you can trade without leaving you house. Learning to trade is easy, there are tons of information on the topic online. But you must remember that trading is hard work. Usually I trade with EUR/USD pair. As for trading websites, I like TradeLikeaPro, and as for trading strategies, I like Price Action. As I understand it, you have to choose a strategy and follow it completely, so it starts bringing income. For the present I mostly choose brokers by their reputation. Grand Capital contests can help you earn initial capital and learn a lot at the same time. I won this round thanks to low volatility. I tend to trade better in days like these. My advice to the future winners is to hone your skills, read more and gain experience". 

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