Contest is a good way to master strategy

24 April, 2017

Contest is a good way to master strategy

The sixth interview round-up features the winner of Rally Trade, the winner of Futures Trade and two winners of Drag Trade.

Anatoliy Radchenko, Ukraine, the winner of 358th round of Drag Trade

‘I have been trading since 2006. I work as a system administrator and I started trading because I like to use my head. I’ve learned everything myself. It’s simple, really: you buy, then you sell. Be patient and sooner or later you’ll get it. I usually base my strategy on trends. Fundamental analysis beats everything. But I trade with anything if it promises profit. Most recently I’ve been selling the British pound. What I value the most in brokers is the promptness with which deposits and withdrawals are executed. My advice to the future contestants is to never give up. Fight to the end!’

Serhiy Neznayko, Ukraine, the winner of 50th round of Futures Trade

‘I’m a student, but not full-time, so I work and trade in my spare time. The advantages of trading are the lack of bosses and comfortable working conditions. No one bosses you around, you can trade where and when you please. I think that the most common mistake among the beginners is a lack of self-control. I actually blew my first $100 deposit this way. Even if it wasn’t that big. I think that my most successful trade is still ahead of me. Now I’m waiting for increase of the US interest rate. I haven’t studied trading seriously yet. But I’m planning on attending lectures on exchange trading. CFD is a new direction for me. I don’t have any special strategy. I just start form the market climate and economy news. When I choose a broker, I pay attention to several factors. I notice if the website is user-friendly, how fast the client support responds, and, of course, the contests. I chose Futures Trade because of its convenient duration and the possibility to follow the contest table online. In my round the margin between the first and the second positions was only 3 dollars. I guess I was lucky. Now I know that anyone can win. Check it out yourself, everything is in your own hands!’

Hamid Vilani, Iran, the winner of 359th round of Drag Trade

‘My name is Khamid and trading is my job. I learned about trading for the first time seven years ago when I saw and ad online. Forex is very popular in Iran. I learned everything online, for free. The most important thing for a beginner is to set a correct leverage. And, of course, self-control and patience are also of utmost importance for traders. I still remember that one time when I managed to earn +1000% of my initial deposit. I use Ichinoku trading indicator. Grand Capital is widely known company with a long history. That’s why I chose it. I entered the contest just because I like to compete, and a contest is also a chance to earn some money.’

Tangapandi Thangaraj, UAE, the winner of 190th round of Rally Trade

‘I work as a technician for a private company, my job is repair and maintenance of machinery. I decided to try to get into trading three years ago. A friend suggested that I try Forex. I tried and kept on trading and in time I started winning. I learned trading everywhere: Youtube, message boards, listened to my friends’ advice. At times I felt like giving up, but I didn’t. I like trading with GBP/JPY and GBP/USD pairs. I stay with a particular broker if the company is reliable and offers quality support. I like challenges, so I entered Grand Capital contest. Also it’s an opportunity to master my strategy. The market can change in an instant. That’s why you have to be extremely careful if you use someone else’s trading signals. It’s better to trust your own strategy and analysis. This approach allows you to manage your funds rationally: not to lose more than you spend.’

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