Rally Trade contest interview

7 June, 2017

Today our regular interview round-up is dedicated to the winners of Rally Trade. All of them see trading as a hobby, rather than a main source of income. And yet they trade with spirit and passion and have already achieved great results.

Igor Nagibin, the winner of 191st round

“I accidentally stumbled upon a Forex ad on the Internet back in 2008. At first, I just played around. Then I got into it in earnest and began studying trading. For me, trading is a fascinating hobby that sometimes brings decent income. But I’m starting to get more and more interested in investments. To be honest, I still haven’t found a stable working strategy. My most unsuccessful trade was made with the EUR/JPY pair. There was an earthquake in Japan at the time and in the course of 10 minutes, I lost $1000. My most successful trade made me $1800 out of initial $30 in a week. Actually, I earned $4000, but got greedy and eventually, it went down to $1800. I prefer trading with AUD/USD and USD/JPY pairs. I chose Grand Capital because of the contests, fast withdrawal and the fact that there are very few negative reviews of the broker. I encourage beginners not to be greedy and not to try getting all the money in the world in a day. Though I have to say I don’t always manage to follow my own advice.”

Mikhail Krestinskiy, the winner of 192nd round

“I started trading because I was always interested in financial markets and economy. The opportunity itself to make money just sitting behind my PC was alluring. I’ve been a trader for more than three years now. Potentially high income and the lack of bosses are attracted me a lot. It's like having your own business. I studied trading through books, websites, and my own experience. I plan to grow further as a trader and earn a stable monthly income. I usually discuss trading and consult about it with my friends. But I always try to make my own decisions. One of my most successful trades resulted in getting 150 points of profit on GBP/USD pair when there were wild price swings in the beginning of the year against the backdrop of British news. I like to trade with Euros, pounds, Canadian dollars, Yens, and as for the strategies, I like price action, though I used to prefer channels and moving averages before. When choosing a broker I pay attention to promptness and reliability, but also to low spreads. Rally Trade contest had me interested because of its prize sum and convenient time frame. I think that it’s one of the best contests on the web. It suits both professional traders and those who trade only part-time. I won partially because I chose a volatile pair, USD/CAD. My advice to beginners is to learn through trading on micro accounts and try yourself in contests like this one, but first of all direct your attention to studying charts and technical analysis.”

Igor Kulak, the winner of 193rd round

I’ve been trading on financial markets for more than three years. I don’t consider myself a professional trader yet. I just trade and participate in various contests from time to time. But I’m still learning and come across difficulties. That’s why I don’t have any clear plans for further growth as a trader. I participated in Grand Capital contests several times, those that are with demo accounts. Each contest is good in its own way. It’s the first time I’ve managed to win. Thanks to Grand Capital for the provided opportunities!

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