Interview with contest winners

20 July, 2017

Interview with contest winners

Our new interview roundup features two Rally Trade winners and oneВВ Drag TradeВВ winner. This time the winners spoke a lot about risk management. Read the advice from our winners and learn how to control your risks and trade more rationally.

Also, we remind you about the prizes that our winners receive:

Rally Trade’s main prize is no-depositВВ $500 bonus with withdrawable profit.

DragВВ trade’s main prize is theВВ real $200.

Oleksandr Komissarov, Ukraine, the winner of 195th round of Rally Trade

“I’m an electrical engineer and my salary is not impressive. That’s why eight years ago I started looking for an extra income and came across the currency market. At my work, I had a computer with Internet access and lots of free time. I used to finish with my work duties, which is mostly the equipment maintenance, quite fast. The trading profession attracted me because you can trade literally anywhere, even in a boat on a fishing trip. I learned everything myself, I read a lot of books and articles. Having trained on a demo account and increased my deposit up to 100%, I deemed myself an expert and put all my free funds into one trade and lost everything in two months. I regularly participate in contests to earn my deposit, because the pension isn’t enough. My opinion is that in trading it’s important not to take too much risk and not use more than 5% of deposit. Undue risks often got me into trouble, to be honest.”

Harianto, Indonesia, the winner of 371st round ofВВ DragВВ Trade

“I’m a courier driver, I deliver packages for different companies. I’ve been trading for the last couple of years already. It all began when I saw a trading terminal, saw how the trades are placed and decided to try it myself. I learned bit by bit, looked for fresh information on the web. And I still keep on learning, actually. I can say that trading is becoming more and more popular in my country. The most euphoric feeling that you can get from trading is when you receive a stable income. When you earn money not accidentally, not suddenly, but consistently, time after time. My strategy is about always following the trend. My favorite instruments are currency pairs. I value transparency and low spreads in brokers. I think Grand Capital is a reliable broker, as it’s been on the market for 10 years. I liked how the competition in Drag Trade lasted only an hour. Such fast contests are hard to come by. My advice to beginners is to learn and always remember about risk management.”

Serhiy Ivanov, Ukraine, the winner of 196th round of Rally Trade

“I became a trader in 2008. Today trading is an additional source of income for me, but I’m thinking about making it my main occupation. I think that time is the best teacher. Books, forums, and webinars are fine, but practice and experience are the real thing. A good trader needs forbearance and a deep understanding of the market. I have several friends with whom I constantly talk about Forex and investments, share with them newly acquired knowledge, achievements and defeats. It helps. I placed my most successful trade several years ago with GBP/USD pair. In one hour I earned 7.5 thousand dollars. I mostly trade currency. I tried many strategies but decided to settle with a few indicators and my gut feeling. When I choose a broker, the first thing I look at is how long the company has been on the market and the quality of order execution, technical support, deposit/withdrawal and a forum. Grand Capital has it all, that’s why I chose them. Participating in contests is a habit for me already, and my journey as a trader actually began when I won a contest. I like that Grand Capital contests are fast and dynamic. I don’t think anything should be changed. Rally Trade attracted me with its stop out level, for several rounds I couldn’t find the sweet spot. I think that such contests are useful for beginners. If you are still learning the ropes, trade only 30% of deposit until you gain more experience. And the most important of all is to tame your greed.”

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