Everything depends only on you

23 October, 2017

Everything depends only on you

Among the recent contest winners are a water supply company employee, yoga teacher and a future Master of Laws in Taxation. The common theme of this interview round-up is that experience helps. Learn not only from your own experience but also from the experience of others.

Oleg Zharskiy, Russia, the winner of 204th round of Rally Trade, received no-deposit bonus of $500. Oleg had already won Drag Trade contest before

"I'm 54 and I'm a junior manager at the city water supply plant. My work schedule allows me to spend time on my hobby, which is Forex trading. Although in summer I'm usually distracted by other things, and the Internet access is awful at my dacha. I've been constantly participating in Grand Capital contests. I think that all these contests are great, each in its own way. I joined this round and started trading only three hours after the contest began, but I won nonetheless in the end. Although to a large extent I won thanks to the opponent's mistakes, who took the second place. Late in the contest he got nervous and started losing. Can anyone become a trader? I don't know. The important thing is to like it, if you're not interested, you're not going to get very far. Before I begin trading, I read analytic reviews for about an hour and choose a strategy. I pay attention to indicators in my trading terminal. I will continue to trade. After all, experience comes with time."

Marina Zorina, Russia, the winner of 57th round of Future Trade, received no-deposit bonus of $1000

"I'm 38. I teach yoga and I like to travel in my spare time. How did I get into trading? I was looking online for a job or just a source of extra income. So I was introduced to the currency market. I've been trading for about 10 years. Last year I managed to triple my balance when the market was very volatile. It was a great achievement for me. At first, I had lots of difficulties, of course, both with learning how to use trading software and with understanding the points of entry and exit. In this contest, I used indicator-based strategy. When I trade on a real account, I usually base my strategy on the channels lines, intraday support and resistance levels. I like that Grand Capital offers various contests, both for demo and real accounts. Future Trade is a demo contest, meaning the money isn't real. It's important since not everyone has a couple hundred dollars to spare from a personal budget. Still, a market is a market and no one can provide you with guarantees. Everything that happens here depends only on you, and on your skill and experience. The contest is a great opportunity to earn a decent income without any investment."

Christoph Schneider, Austria, the winner of 389th round of Drag Trade, received real $200.

"I'm 26. I study economics at a university and now I'm working on my Master's thesis, it's about the influence of taxation on transportation prices. I started trading three years ago on the advice of my friend. It seems to me that in Austria and Germany people are less interested in investing in financial markets than in other countries. Everyone here is very cautious about it. Trading is a proper analysis of data. If you want to achieve something amazing, you have to follow the news and choose a correct strategy. I attended a couple of courses on finance as a part of my education, so I learned the basics there. But mainly I learned trading on my own. I started with combining short-term and long-term strategies. Surprisingly it brought results immediately. For a long time, I engaged in intraday trading and traded binary options and DAX CFD (Germany's major stock index). Recently I got interested in precious metals, coal and Russian stock index. It's because I think that there will be a correction soon on American and European stock markets. When I choose a broker I pay attention to the range of offered trading instruments. And, of course, the possibility of trading small amounts with a low spread, since my funds are not so big yet. With Grand Capital, I trade Russian stock CFDs and metals that aren't offered by other brokers. The most important for beginners is a good risk management. Place stop orders and make sure that your account balance stays liquid, it helps you react to unforeseen circumstances."

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