Interview with contest winners

10 November, 2017

Interview with contest winners

Meet two winners of Rally Trade and one winner of Micro Trade in our new interview round-up. We think it’s very reasonable to learn from others’ experience, that’s why we try to make our interviews more useful for beginners. The winners talk about their winning strategies and provide advice on risk management.

Maksim Meshkov, the winner of the 205th round of Rally Trade, received no-deposit bonus of $500.

“I’m a veterinarian. First I got introduced to the market in 2014. I started with binary options, they were aggressively marketed at the time. About a year later I started wondering about Forex. At first, I was learning the basics on my own. However, I quickly realized that those massive amounts of information were really confusing. So I enrolled in a course and everything was broken down for me and I started to understand what trading is. My trading day starts before the European session. One of my rituals is getting all unnecessary things off the desk and getting my monitors ready. My most successful trade involved GBP at the time of Brexit. I was bold enough to hold the position and took 1100 points. But greed and emotions got the best of me on the same day and I lost half of my profit. Mostly I trade with GBP/USD and GBP/JPY. The second pair is very volatile and can get you 400-700 points in a day. Sure, you can easily lose just as much. My favorite strategy is Price Action. When I choose a broker, I pay attention first of all to how long they’ve been working on the market. Grand Capital is one of the long-living companies. Among other advantages are excellent order execution, low spreads and fast withdrawal. The only thing I’d add is one more contest, specifically for binary options.”

Maksim Abramov, Russia, the winner of the 81st round of Micro Trade, received 300% of the difference in account equity

“Now I work as a tire fitter and I’ve been trading for about 10 years in total. During this time I had my ups and downs. I have a mathematical mindset, that’s why I find use for my skills in trading. I think that the most important thing for a trader is the ability to control emotions. Many give up after big defeats. I’m not one of them and I always go all the way. Actually, I’m always on the market. At any given time I have some open trades. During my years of trading I have tried many strategies, but I stuck with the levels. Now I trade with breakouts of daily maximums and minimums, and my favorite instruments are the dollar, the pound, the yen and gold. When choosing a broker I look at the reviews and trading conditions. I abandoned my previous broker because they implemented a limit on the amount of simultaneously open trades. I don’t like to be constrained. I’ve been participating in Micro Trade for a long time, but I never won anything. Probably my trading was a bit raw. Now everything is fine in that department.”

Amadeu Costa, Portugal, the winner of the 206th round of Rally Trade, received no-deposit bonus of $500

“I’m 50 and I’m a programmer. I started trading a year ago. I like analyzing financial markets and following the economic statistics. I have a predisposition towards bearish trends, so it can be a bit of a problem on a bull market. I studied various strategies, but I’m not really well-versed in all that. I mainly rely on my intuition and macroindicators. However, the psychology of the market sometimes can be so irrational. Recently I placed a marvelous trade: I earned 1000 Euro with the deposit of 10 Euro. But in the next trade I lost all my profit. I’m a short-term trader, sometimes I win and sometimes I lose. Among my favorite instruments are DAX index and EUR/USD, GBP/USD pairs. I’m only beginning my trading career and trying to earn enough money for deposit in contests. I liked Rally Trade for being a short contest and the results were available right away.”

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