Winners of the 5th Annual Business Awards of Macau

27 November, 2017

On Thursday 24th November, nearly 250 of the leading figures in business gathered at the 5th Annual Business Awards of Macau gala ceremony held in Grand Lisboa. The Business Awards of Macau is organised by De Fição Mulimedia Projects and the Charity Association of Macau Business Readers, as the first-of-its kind in Macau, has tried to incentivise and congratulate business excellence of all sizes, and from all sectors in Macau.

A great variety of different sectors and industries from Macau were represented. The diversity on display demonstrated fantastically a growing interest to share the best business practices in town.

Macau is an international city and in every edition of the Business Awards there are large number of international candidates for the awards. Since year, there are more and more local candidates have applied and that many local companies and entrepreneurs have succeeded in expanding their businesses outside of Macau to different market. According to the chairman of Business Awards Paulo Azevedo, the impact of Business Awards has been expanded from multinational corporates to local corporates.

The most honored award of the year, namely the Grand Merit Award, a prize granted to the institute or enterprise considered has revealed higher achievements in all aspects, and has contributed the most to the local community and society.

In the gala ceremony, 46 winners received the awards from the awards presenters: Terry Sio (President and Founder of Rainbow Group, member of the Business Awards of Macau honoured commission and judging panel) / Dra. Zhong Seabra de Mascarenhas,Yi (Vice-President of the Board of Directors, Macau Foundation) / Rutger Verschuren (President of the General Assembly of Macau European Chamber of Commerce, member of the Business Awards of Macau honoured commission and judging panel) / Dominic Sio (Director of CESL Asia, member of the Business Awards of Macau judging panel) / Dra. Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes (Director of MGTO) / Mr.Kevin Ho (Chairman of Anzac Group Company Limited, member of the Business Awards of Macau honoured commission and judging panel) / Mr. Vong Kok Seng (Vice-president of Directors Board of Macao Chamber of Commerce, member of the Business Awards of Macau honoured commission and judging panel) / Dr. Ambrose So (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, S.A.) / Ms.Paula Ling (Lawyer, Member of the People’s Congress of China, member of the Business Awards of Macau honoured commission and judging panel) / Mr.Paulo A. Azevedo (President of Charity Association of Macau Business).

Environmental Performance  Galaxy Macau  環境績效大獎 澳門銀河 金獎                    Glod Award
  Kwan On Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.   均安環保工程有限公司 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  DHL   DHL 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Grand Lapa Macau    澳門金麗華酒店 優秀獎       Excellence Award
Corporate Social Responsibility  Melco Resorts & Entertainment 企業社會責任大獎 新濠博亞娛樂有限公司 金獎                    Glod Award
  Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16   澳門十六浦索菲特酒店 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Shell Gas (LPG) Macau Limited   澳門蜆殼石油氣有限公司 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Shun Tak Holdings (Macau) Ltd   信德集團控股(澳門)有限公司 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU)   大西洋銀行 優秀獎       Excellence Award
Non-Profit Organisation  Hope International Volunteer Group  非牟利組織大獎 希望國際義工團 金獎                    Glod Award
  Fuhong Society of Macau   澳門扶康會 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Macau International Carnival Association   澳門國際嘉年華協會 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Macau Borderless Youth Association   澳門無疆界青年協會 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Rotary Club of Macau    澳門扶輪社 優秀獎       Excellence Award
Innovation Speedking Technology Limited Company 創新大獎 速寶科技有限公司 金獎                    Glod Award
  Manner Producão & Media Lda    微辣製作有限公司 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Macau   澳門大學健康科學學院 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Phantoms Lab   飛騰國際有限公司 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Hovione    好利安製藥股份有限公司 優秀獎       Excellence Award
Award Category  Company 獎項範疇 公司/人名 獎項
Most Valuable Brand  Che Lee Yuen  (O’Che 1867) 最具價值品牌大獎 謝利源珠寶 金獎                    Glod Award
  Aristocrat    盛世貴族 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  SG Gaming   SG 遊戲亞洲股份有限公司 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  PokerStars LIVE Macau   澳門撲克之星 優秀獎       Excellence Award
Small and Medium Enterprise  iFood Macau, Ltd 中小企大獎 食在澳門有限公司 金獎                    Glod Award
  Great Time Limited   好時行有限公司 金獎                    Glod Award
  Like Entertainment & Production Co. Ltd   讚娛樂製作有限公司 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  iGift Uniform Limited   軒龍制服有限公司 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Central Technology Limited   指南科技有限公司 優秀獎       Excellence Award
Award Category  Company 獎項範疇 公司/人名 獎項
New Talent  AES Education Group  Vice President  Ivan Ip  金獎                    Glod Award
傑出人才大獎 澳專教育集團 副主席 葉智恪  
  Louis Vuitton Macau Company Limited Store Director  Jacqueline Peirce  優秀獎       Excellence Award
  路易威登澳門有限公司 店鋪總監    
   Grand Lapa Macau Director of Engineering  Bill Sou 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  澳門金麗華酒店 工程總監 蘇源標  
  MGM Grand Paradise Ltd. Manager of Slot Operations Mike Lei 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  美高梅金殿超濠股份有限公司 角子機營運部經理 李霸基  
Leading By Example  Shell Gas (LPG) Macau Limited 領導楷模大獎 澳門蜆殼石油氣有限公司 金獎                    Glod Award
  Lai Si Construction & Engineering Company Limited   黎氏建築工程有限公司 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, S.A. ("SJM")   澳門博彩股份有限公司 (「澳博」) 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  Loreto Mijares rescued an old couple from the floodwater that ravaged the Inner Harbour in Macau during Typhoon Hato.  Loreto Mijares Jr.於颱風天鴿吹襲期間,勇救被困於內港洪水中的一對年老夫婦。 Loreto Mijares Jr. 優秀獎       Excellence Award
Award Category  Company 獎項範疇 公司/人名 獎項
Young Entrepreneur  Lai Si Construction & Engineering Company Limited CEOand Executive Director Harry Lai 金獎                    Glod Award
青年企業家大獎 黎氏建築工程有限公司 行政總裁及執行董事 黎鳴山  
  Manner Producão & Media Lda  Co-founder and CEO  LOK CHI HUO 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  微辣製作有限公司 創辦人及行政總裁 陸志豪  
  iGift Uniform Limited Founder Leo Wong 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  軒龍制服有限公司 創辦人 王文俊  
  iFood Macau, Ltd.  CEO  Aeson Lei  優秀獎       Excellence Award
  食在澳門有限公司  行政總裁 李蔭良  
  Contribuild Group Holdings Limited Managing Director Armando Amante 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  貢建集團控股有限公司 執行董事 歐文道  
Entrepreneur  Delta-AsiaFinancial  Group Chairman Stanley Au   金獎                    Glod Award
傑出企業家大獎 滙業財經集團 主席 區宗傑  
  Big Four Development  Group, Ltd. CEO Albert Chuck 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  四方發展集團有限公司 主席 卓重賢  
  Hard Work Education Centre Founder and Chairman  Towinal Mak 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  學勤進修教育中心 創辦人及主席 麥健才  
  Cowin Group Chairman and Managing Director Andy Szeto 優秀獎       Excellence Award
  同創控股集團有限公司 董事長及總經理 司徒作存  
Grand Merit Award  Macau Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) 卓越優異大獎 澳門統計暨普查局 金獎                    Glod Award

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