Business Expo in Klerksdorp, SA

7 February, 2018

Business Expo in Klerksdorp, SA

On the 24th of February Grand Capital, together with our partners from Wealth for Life, are going to host a seminar in Klerksdorp, the largest city in North West Province in South Africa. The event is titled “Truth vs. Myth About Forex” and will be dedicated to Forex trading, investment, cryptocurrency, CFD and Binary Options trading, technical&fundamental market analysis as well as several other topics which will be interesting to both beginners and experienced investors.

This seminar will become the test installment in a series of educational events that Grand Capital have been holding in South Africa, among other countries and regions. Financial proficiency is one of the most vital skills in the modern world, and our speakers are ready to provide many useful insights for those traders who want to learn and to broaden their knowledge.

Introducing our host and speakers:

The seminar’s host is Valerie Mahlatsi, she is the CEO of Wealth of life, and the fund manager of the year at Grand Capital (2017). Valerie will teach you to efficiently manage your finances and transform your investments through Forex and cryptocurrency trading.

Goutam Das is the leading business development manager at Grand Capital. Goutam is a visionary trader and investor with an encyclopedic knowledge of various trading platforms.

Sergey Kozlovsky (Russia) is a financial analyst at Grand Capital and a co-founder of Serenity Financial, the first secure blockchain-based escrow platform for trading. Sergey is a seasoned financial expert who will introduce to all the freshest economic trends and tendencies, will teach you how to hold your finger on the pulse of the market and profit from it.

The event will also feature two guest speakers, Tsitso Koneshe, an experienced economist from Lesotho and Nesbert “Trump” Shaba a successful entrepreneur and a full-time trader from Rustenburg.

The event will be held at C/O Barend and Margaretta Prinsloo street, Pienaarsdorp, Klerksdorp, 2570, South Africa on Saturday, February 24th, starting at 11 AM (local time).

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