Contest is a great place for experiments

26 March, 2018

Our new interview round-up features winners of Rally Trade, Drag Trade and Future Trade. The winners of our contests often share their successful strategies and provide useful insights. Today Vilani Kazem from Iran told us about his unusual trading style, swing trading, while Serhiy Bosyi from Ukraine explained why trading contests are a perfect experiment platform.

Serhiy Bosyi, Ukraine, the winner of the 214th round of Rally Trade, received $500 no-deposit bonus

  • Trading experience: 7 years
  • Preferred instruments: currency pairs, gold, silver
  • Preferred indicators: Moving Average, Stochastic, CCI, MACD

“Seven years ago I bought my first computer and started to learn my way around the web, and while I was at it I discovered Forex. I tried trading with a lot of brokers, I had my rises and downfalls, I wasted a lot of energy on this. On a more positive note, I acquired useful experience. I chose Grand Capital because of their contests. Contests are a great platform for experiments, it’s useful for checking your indicators and earning your initial capital. If you’re a beginner, my advice is to have lots of patience and learn! Financial markets can be a source of good income.”

Vilani Hamid Kaze, Iran, the winner of the 409th round of Drag Trade, received real $200

  • Trading experience: 6 years
  • Trading style: swing trading
  • Preferred indicators: Ichimoku, RSI

“I’m 24. I’ve not been trading for a very long time, only about six years. However, I want to get better at it, earn more minimize my losses and, possibly, make trading my main occupation. I’ve been trading with Grand Capital for five years and I have no reason to complain. I’m a careful trader, I meticulously abide by the rules of risk management. I like swing trading. This trading style is not very time and energy consuming and allows to balance trading with other activities. You only need to determine the market stage you’re on and promptly open trades at the extreme points. My advice to the newcomers: be patient, keep calm and trust your strategy.”

Sarvar Daliev, Uzbekistan, the winner of the 61st round of Future Trade, received $1,000 no-deposit bonus

  • Trading experience: 2 years
  • Trading style: swing trading
  • Preferred instruments: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY
  • Preferred indicators: moving averages

“I studied economics. Previously I worked at a bank, but now I’m trading on financial markets. Discipline helps a lot in trading, I’m perfectly in control of my emotions thanks to my nerves of steel. When I choose a broker I pay attention to withdrawal and order execution time. I entered a Grand Capital contest to test the reliability of the company. Future Trade trains flexibility and ability to make decisions quickly. I wanted to try trading futures contracts, so I picked this contest. During my round, the market demonstrated high volatility and it helped me. Generally, it’s not enough to use your skills in a contest, luck is also important. I won thanks to the convergence of three factors: high volatility, luck and scalping.”

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