Win Grand Capital Cup!

15 June, 2018

From June 14th to July 15th, 2018, Grand Capital holds a World Cup-themed promotion 'Gather Your Team'. We invite traders who are partial to football to set up their own teams and lead them to victory.

Earn points based on the players’ performance and win Grand Capital cup and other prizes from our company.

Prizes for those who earn the most points: 1st place — cup, hoodie, T-shirt; 2nd place — cup, T-shirt and mug; 3rd place — cup and T-shirt

To participate:

  • Register on Grand Capital website.
  • Set up a team.
  • Follow the leaderboard and earn points.

A team earns points for each action of the players based on their performance in real games. Learn how the points are awarded here.

Results of all teams will be available on the leaderboard within 24 hours after each game.

Spend points to claim prizes

Any participant may exchange points for prizes following the end of the Cup by sending a request to from July 15th to 31st, 2018. In order to claim prizes, you must have a real account with at least $100 of deposit in total.

List of prizes:

  • No-deposit bonus of $200, $500, $1000.
  • 50% discount on any trading robots.
  • Grand Capital T-shirts and hoodies.

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