OctaFX champion demo contest

5 October, 2018

Round 79 of the OctaFX Champion Demo Contest has finished. Our best wishes to four more traders who share the prize fund of 1000 USD this month!

  • 1st place with the award of 500 USD goes to Adytio Rahmawan from Indonesia
  • 2nd place with the award of 300 USD goes to Suryani Sihombing from Indonesia
  • 3rd place with the award of 100 USD goes to Agustiana from Indonesia

The runner-up Albinus Bin Maladie from Malaysia receives 100 USD

Don`t forget to check out the interviews with the winners below to reveal their secrets for successful trading and become the next champion of the OctaFX Champion Demo Contest!

1st place Adytio Rahmawan from Indonesia:

I am very happy because I won among thousands of other participants. I didn't spend a lot of time, because I trade using a smartphone so I can trade anywhere and anytime. I will surely participate in another contest again.

The key factor to my success is patience in trading and good management. I don't have a specific strategy, only good management skills, and I am not planning to try other techniques.

During the contest my biggest gain was on the GBPUSD pair and I only encountered a small loss.

If you want to become a good trader and want to know how much time you need to become one, I can’t say for sure, because everyone’s abilities are different. There are those who have just begun but have succeeded in gaining profit, while some are taking a longer time.

2nd place Suryani Sihombing from Indonesia:

I am very happy, even though last night I had to cut a loss of approximately $ 650. Well, at least these results reduce the sadness in my heart. I also did not think that I would be able to become one of the champions because I was far behind other participants.

I enjoy my time trading and I will join another contest in the future.

I succeeded because I try to control my emotions when opening a position. I don’t have any strategy. What I know is that when the price is below the trend line, then I enter the market.

If you want to be a good trader, it takes a long time and some sacrifices.

3rd place: Agustiana from Indonesia

I am very happy that I won! I will take part in the contest again, because this contest has no risk.

I think patience is the main key to win in this contest. I also have a trading plan that I use, and I learn tirelessly.

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