Forex Technical Analysis 03.12.2013 (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, GOLD)

3 December, 2013


Euro is being corrected towards level of 1.3457; right now market is moving inside the third wave of this correction and forming consolidation channel to break ascending channel and continue falling down. We think, today price may reach target at 1.3462 and then return to level of 1.3540 to test it from below. Later, in our opinion, pair may form the fifth descending wave towards main target of this correction.


Pound formed the first descending impulse and right now is forming the second one; market is being corrected. Predicted target of the second impulse is at 1.6330. Later, in our opinion, pair may grow up to test 1.6376 from below and then form the third descending impulse with target at 1.6313 to test upper border of broken triangle pattern from weekly chart.


Franc continues moving upwards; market is being corrected towards level of 0.9162. Right now, pair is consolidating near 0.9092; this structure may be considered as continuation pattern of the third wave with target at 0.9140. Later, in our opinion, price may return to 0.9092 and start forming the fifth ascending wave to reach main target of this correction.


Yen continues forming ascending structure. We think, today price may reach another resistance level at 103.60; it looks almost like double top pattern. Later, in our opinion, pair may start descending correction towards level of 99.70. After forming pivot point at the top, price may reverse and start falling down towards pattern’s bottom.


Australian Dollar is still consolidating near its minimum. We think, today price may grow up to reach level of 0.9112 and then continue moving upwards to break the top of this consolidation and start forming the fifth ascending wave. However, alternative scenario implies that price may break minimum. In this case, descending trend may continue without the fifth descending wave in the form of three-wave correctional structure.


Gold broke its consolidation channel downwards and continued falling down; target is at 1195. We think, today price may consolidate at current level for a while and then continue moving downwards to reach main target of this descending wave.
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Forex Technical Analysis for 29.12.2015

Eurodollar has almost reached the target of its ascending wave. We think, today, the price may continue forming its consolidation channel at the top of this ascending structure. Possibly, the pair may reach 1.0997...

Forex Technical Analysis for 28.12.2015

Eurodollar is still forming an ascending structure, which may be considered as the fourth correctional one inside the descending wave. We think, today, the price may complete the current growth by reaching 1.0997 and then start falling to form the fifth structure with the target at 1.0752...

Technical analysis for 23.12.2015

The euro dollar currency is trading with a decline today. The channel of the fourth component of growth is breaking through. The next step is the fifth with a target at the level of 1.0752. Next, we consider the possibility of the correction returning to the level of 1.0900...

Forex Technical Analysis for 22.12.2015

Eurodollar has almost completed the correction. We think, today, the price may form another descending structure to reach 1.0752 and then return to 1.0900...

Murrey Math Lines for 21.12.2015

Eurodollar is consolidating close to Super Trends, which may soon form bearish cross to confirm a new decline of the price. The closest target is at the 0/8 level. If later the par breaks this level, it may continue falling much deeper...

Forex Technical Analysis for 18.12.2015

Eurodollar has expanded its trading range downwards and returned to the center of the channel. We think, today, the price may be corrected towards 1.0914 to test it from below and the form another descending wave with the target at 1.0742...

Wave Analysis for 17.12.2015

After finishing the wave [a], the pair has started a new local correction. Earlier, the price completed the descending impulse in the wave 3 or C. Later, Eurodollar may complete the wave [b] and start forming the ascending impulse in the wave [c] of 4...

Forex Technical Analysis for 16.12.2015

Eurodollar has finished another descending structure to expand its consolidation channel downwards. We think, today, the price may return to 1.0984. Later, in our opinion, the market may rebound from this level and continue falling inside the downtrend towards 1.0770...

Forex Technical Analysis for 15.12.2015

Eurodollar is expanding its consolidation channel upwards. We think, today, the price may prefer to move according to an alternative scenario and grow to reach 1.1068. Later, in our opinion, the market may fall and expand the channel downwards to reach 1.0925...

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